My fellow Chico-Americans, put your hands together for the new all-lady Synthesis production team. Yes, that’s right; in an exciting and unprecedented turn of events, Bill Fishkin has compiled an all-woman dream team. After a short and super pain-free search, we found a new entertainment editor right under our noses—literally she was under our noses—sitting at Dain’s desk, being his girlfriend. Come to find out, she’s also a talented and clever writer, she’s cheeky and charming; “she” is Amy Olson. We think Amy is going to bring a broader scope of diversity to the Arts & Entertainment pie, so feel free to welcome her by sending in all your ideas for entertainment coverage! *Cue Laverne & Shirley theme song*

Another thing I wanted to mention—it’s about your vegetables. If you’re not getting the weekly CSA from GRUB, you’re kinda blowing it. It’s a weekly horn-of-plenty and such a great deal. As I was walking in the sunshine down the dirt path, past the trampoline to pick up my box of badass vegetables, I was thinking, “this is such a great service, we’re so lucky.” And a lady walking past me plucked that thought right out of my head and said out loud to nobody in particular (well to me, I was there), “this is so great…$20 bucks a week, it’s just the best, we’re so lucky!” I thumbs-upped her sentiment and collected my bushels.

I’m not sure what your excuses are for not joining this CSA but I’ve tried to imagine what they could be: “It’s too expensive.” No it’s not, shut up! $20 per week and you get veggies to feed a family of six, plus there are always freebie extras to take home. I have a family of four and we have so many leftovers. “There’s too much, I can’t eat all those vegetables, what do I do with them all?” Get a juicer or a blender. “But isn’t that hippie talk?” No! Juicing is awesome and an excellent way to use up the last of that bok choy/kale/parsley. Also, you can freeze those juices to make healthy, delicious popsicles. My friend just made a bok-choy/honeydew melon-juice popsicle and she is a genius, so there you go. “All the leafy greens seem to wilt and go bad really fast.” I cracked that code for you, baby: clean your veggies when you get them home, store them in a ziploc with a damp paper towel, and voila, you’re out of excuses. Plus, you can bring your kids to the GRUB farm to jump on the trampoline while you pick up your produce. What a great thing for kids—doing trampoline tricks right next to a big, beautiful, abundant farm. I think that’s an excellent farm-to-fun association and childhood memory.

This week we’ve pulled off an amazing feat of local photography, gathering photographers from all over Chico to compile a 24-hour project about life in Chico. Thank you Kathy, for herding cats to make it happen, and thank you so much to our amazing photographers for working on this project with us. We’ve also got a Wayne “The Train” Hancock interview by Jeremy Gerrard, so feast your eyes and don’t forget to harass Amy with all your new ideas at!

Sara makes the words happen.