Graphite on Paper by Christina Seashore

At Naked Lounge

By Quet’zl

“Mmmmm.. Damn.” Those were my first words upon entering the gallery at Naked Lounge and seeing the new art by Christina Seashore. This is that goat-feta-cheese kind of art! Smooth, subtle, very striking, with some nicely textured perspectives. There is something about this exhibition that puts you in a state of limbo, where you are not quite sure if these are pieces of art or little windows into another dimension of human experience. It’s clear that she put a lot of feeling into this show; each piece pulls at some part of the soul.

Seeing each different piece evokes a different kind of consciousness. The abstract mind plays like an enigma; we’re never really sure what was going through the artist’s mind as they were creating the work… What moves behind the realm of the physical body? What influences the cells that make us up, and combines the two worlds of internal and external? Emotion, I think… and the experience of those emotions creates your perception of reality.

Christina does a great job at illustrating that to the viewer through this 2D expression; her art leaves you with some unnameable insight—something to contemplate as you go about your day…

Be sure to check out PERMEATE at the Naked Lounge, the show is up until April 30th.

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