Periphery — Clear

Periphery’s 4th official release, Clear, sees the band for the first time representing each and every member’s spin on the sextuplet’s unique and exceptional sound: One song to represent each member. Clocking in at 29 minutes and 12 seconds, Clear takes the listener on a pretty adven- turous musical journey: ranging from soft ethereal melodies, to heavy-hitting, heart- pounding grooves.

In comparison to Periphery’s prior re- leases, this EP is a major departure from their debut album; it progresses into an even broader spectrum reminiscent of Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal. On Clear, one can hear a plethora of styles/ genres such as classical, alternative, metal, progressive, ambient, industrial, experi- mental, post-hardcore, and good old- fashioned rock.

What’s most exciting about this release is that it seems to be a slap in the face to a lot of the “djent” purists, by incorporating unexpected influences from acts such as The Mars Volta and Coheed And Cambria, just to name a couple. Clear sheds a light of hope on a scene that seems to be riddled with narrow-minded pedants, and encourages its fan base to open their minds to see all the other exciting styles of music that could be integrated into heavy music. 

Written by Ryan Johnson

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