Pedal Pushers

Those of us who traverse this city on two wheels know how lucky we are to live here. The abundance of bike lovers, shops and of course the beautiful Bidwell Park trails make Chico the perfect place to call home. But for a town with such a passion for cycling we feel there is a lacking acknowledgement of how vastly diverse the biking community actually is in Chico. Never fear, your ever-faithful columnists are here!

We hope to appeal to those of you who currently ride, who once did or are looking to pick up the lifestyle of a cyclist, be it casual or competitive.  From the latest gear to our favorite cycling gadgets we wish to share our obsession with you: the commuters, the touring cyclists, the cruising college students, the fixie aficionados, the BMX riders and everyone in between.

Expect to find our thoughts on bike lane etiquette, as this seems to be the talk of the town. Not sure how to safely navigate through Chico, choose the right transport bike or kindly tell the Roto-Rooter guy to stay the fuck out of the bike lane when you’re in it? We can offer advice.  Want to be updated with need to know recalls and releases of equipment? Care to laugh at silly ‘oh shit I’m on a bike and shouldn’t be’ stories? Tune in! We will also have some awesome DIY projects for your bike (or someone else’s), and will provide some really helpful tips regarding seasonal wardrobe for guys and gals who commute on the daily.

For all you commuters out there, enjoy these nice days we’ve been having, but don’t forget it’s almost spring and rain is still in the forecast. Expect wet streets, bike paths and the need for a fender. Some of us (like Erica) don’t like the way permanent fenders look. To save her back side from looking like a muddy skunk, she bought a removable, plastic fender from For around $40 she got a sweet fender and a dry behind.

For those of you on a tighter budget, try the Ass Saver. This handy little fender fits under your seat and in a matter of seconds it is on your bike protecting your rump.  Pick one up at Greenline Cycles for about $10.

On an even tighter budget and feeling crafty? Try making a fender using a cereal box. For instructions on how to recycle your cardboard and stay dry:

Consider a disclaimer; we are not experts. We love bike porn. We like hills, spandex and clearly marked bike lanes. We can change a tire, convert to fixed gear and adjust a derailleur and together we have pedaled through our fair share of cities. We are both equally enamored with life on two wheels, experienced enough to say that we are serious committed cyclists who ride casually, who find ourselves in constant conversation about…bicycles.

Have technical questions, concerns or thoughts on all things bicycle related? We have several friends who could be considered experts standing by to answer your cycling questions. Write in and ask and we’ll get you the answer! We promise.