One More For Posterity

This week’s cover story is about remembering the nefariously nasty, awesomely incomparable Towne Lounge. I couldn’t possibly ask you to send in your stories without telling one of my own right? I had to reach way back in the archives, but I believe it was Halloween of 1999. Slutty girl costumes weren’t quite the fashion back then; in my 20’s we were still in the latter days of creative costuming. My coworker and I were working a late shift at Mike’s Mobile Windshield and we wanted to express our displeasure and Halloween spirit at the same time, so we sat down with some Mad Dog 20/20 and sussed out a plan. We decided to dress up like salesmen (not a stretch, we were in sales) and head on down to the office in our slacks and ties and eyeliner-mustaches. But something was missing; we couldn’t just show up drunk in polyester suits, that wasn’t enough of a stretch from any other day. Two drunken salesmen, heading to the office…what we really needed was a hooker. At least, somebody to dress up like a hooker and pretend to be ours. We looked eagerly and hopefully to my roommate. She appeared skeptical for a minute, and then looking into our wide expectant eyes, threw back some Mad Dog and put on a trench coat and lingerie. This costume was realistic AND we were dressed oh so business casual. Emphasis on the casual — my tie was around my head and my eyeliner-mustache was already smeared.

We walked into work and tried to play it cool. We sat down at our desks with our hooker between us and started taking phone calls. Five minutes later we were ejected from the office and told to go home. If by “home” they meant the Towne Lounge, then good day sir; we headed home. We spent the entire day at the Towne Lounge and all the way into the night. Our costumes were appreciated, our hooker was welcome, our ties were lost eventually, and at 2am we were stuffed into a cab — two wasted little businessmen with their happy hooker, heading home.

I hope you enjoy the walk down memory lane this week, as we delve into the history of the life and times of the Towne Lounge. We’ve also got the details about Chico’s own Loki Miller and his upcoming two-week stint performing “Know the Poe” in San Francisco, starting October 27th. As always, we welcome your feedback and love to hear from you. Check out! All the cool kids are doing it!


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