One Kick

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Fall is right around the corner, which means one can curl up by the fire with a cup of coffee and a great book…okay, I’m jumping the gun right?

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a great read, one book you should add to the top of your reading list is One Kick by Chelsea Cain. Cain has been accurately described by New York Times Book Review as “High-Octane,” and her newest book does not fall short of that description.

One Kick follows the life of Kick Lannigan. Kidnapped at the age of six and rescued five years later, Kick is famous after having her face plastered on TV and missing person’s posters. From the moment Kick is reinserted back into her old life, she aims to strengthen herself. Armed with an array of skills she learned during the five years with her kidnappers, Kick also begins training in martial arts, boxing, and knife throwing.

Now, at the age of 21, she gets sucked into a missing children’s case. She’s drawn to it, even though the people in her life tell her to move on. When a mysterious former arms dealer, with strong financial backing and covert contacts, approaches her for help in finding the two missing kids, Kick realizes she can’t refuse. It becomes a race against time to save the missing children and also to uncover the dark secrets from Kick’s past.

I loved how the author revealed the details of the story inconspicuously. There was never an overload of detail; the reader has to come up with the conclusions themselves. Every time a chapter ended, I immediately jumped to the next one. It’s truly a high-octane ride that keeps you guessing and wanting to find out more. The author leaves a trail of breadcrumbs that the characters as well as the readers can’t help but follow. It’s definitely a darker mystery, well-written, with well-rounded, interesting characters.

Almost immediately, you find yourself rooting for Kick—you want her to find the answers and catch the perpetrator as the clock runs out. As the story progresses, a spider web of connections begins to appear, so complex the reader is left wondering whether or not Kick will figure it out.

The book keeps you at the edge of your seat well into the early hours of the morning. It’s seriously unfolds like an action movie, kind of like the Bourne series. The story boils down to two major mysteries: Who took the kids and why? And how Kick’s past ties into it all?

If, after reading One Kick, you despair over the fact that the badass Kick Lannigan will be no more, worry not. This will be the first book in a series so we’ll be seeing more of Kick in the future. And for those individuals who aren’t the “series” type, this book makes a great standalone novel as well.

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