Not That Kaz!











Hi, my name’s Kaz. I like sunbeams and eating grass under the lemon tree. Sometimes I get sleepy, so I take a nap. People call them cat naps, but I just call them naps, because I’m a cat.

Do Indian people call it Indian food? I don’t eat Indian food, I eat cat food. But I just call it food. I don’t like it when things are redundant.

Some people say I’m fat, but I tell them it’s because of Monsanto and farm subsidies.

My roommate is not very nice. I always try to smell his butt when he walks by, but he just goes all crazy on my face instead of saying hi back. Then he throws up all over the couch. I’m worried he might have cancer.

Sometimes people think I’m a different grey cat, but I’m not. I’m this one.



Hi I'm Kaz!