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Dust and Cobwebs – Part One

This is the story of clutter, of loneliness and little things and mountains growing between people. This is the story of fear and guilt, and the powerful experience of peeling it away. I’ll warn you now: this story will take more than one column to tell, and in the beginning there is darkness.

Playing in the Fourth Dimension

Why not put the fourth dimension in games? Well, because it’s confusing as all hell. Aside from that, however, people are likely ready to welcome it.

Falling Trees

Sorry if You Were Offended Last Week, a Fallen Oak, and End of the Calendar Year Musings

Lizard People, Dear Reader

If there’s one thing that I think we can agree on, it’s that these sorts of insufferable buttholes are awful to be around. Their empty self-assuredness also leads me to believe that they’re not actually humans, but rather lizard people in skin suits.

Events Calendar: 12/22/14 – 1/4/15

22nd | Monday  Best Bet:        CUSD Center for the Arts (PV High School) Magic Show With Wayne […]

The Future: Revealed!

Behold! The veil is lifted! The path you walk upon—revealed! The future—nude!

Taking Stock and Making Stock

After awakening from your holiday food coma, dear reader, tackle your last assignment of the year.


Heyoka and Ne’wekwe are two names for people called “sacred clowns” in native tribes. They had many functions, but their main purpose was to keep people on their toes, to help them avoid getting bogged down in complacency.

The State of the Commons, Part Four

Personally, I am liquidating just one theory this holiday season: Value and cost are not necessarily inversely proportionate.

Horoscopes – Week of December 22, 2014

Aries You are embarking on a new start. Pay attention to your public standing, your talents, and skills. This could […]

A Cuba Libre Without a Lime is Just a Rum and Coke

it truly pains me to imagine Cuba as just another country



There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California. –Edward Abbey (1927–1989)

Acting Out

I still struggle with the same questions that arose for me during that time—how can we make direct action more than an expression of upset? How can we best accomplish our ultimate goals?

What Idiot Called it ‘Staying Awake’ Instead of ‘Resisting a Rest’

We stood a few feet apart, under the grim pallor of the gas station fluorescents, the dark wall of the Grapevine looming behind us. I tried to hand him the wad of money again. “I’m telling you man, you guys picked the wrong weekend to play Los Angeles. You’re gonna be sorry if you go down there!”