New Year, Still Here!

Break out the stretchy pants and tennis shoes because it’s resolution season! I myself have resolved to try kettlebells. It sounds like kettlecorn so how bad could it be right? I’m also going to try yoga. I had a car accident a while ago and have an ongoing neck injury so I thought maybe I’d give the yoga a try; though previous attempts at yoga throughout my life have been unsuccessful and left me with the overall feeling that I’d prefer to take naps than do yoga.

2013 has already hit the ground running. The Bookstore, our local delightful downtown used bookstore, is in a full-swing fundraising campaign to come up with the capital needed to purchase the business from the previous owner, Ron Barrett. In this edition of Synthesis we talk to the Mills family about their plans going forward and ways we can support The Bookstore in the future.

For more information about what you can do now to help save our beloved used bookstore, go to and feel free to donate a little cheddar towards the effort. Or “like” the facebook page ( to stay on top of this exciting story and be the first to know about future events.

This week we’ve got some sweet scene reports; wherein Howl was on mescaline at the Transcendence Ball, and Jack Knight had a jolly good time at the El Rey and was probably, boringly, not on mescaline. A new Synthesis friend, Tanner Ulsh, brings us a story about the new MySpace, to help us decide if we should make an ironic mass exodus back to MySpace from the Facebook. Viva la social media!

Also, here’s a side note letter to a man that I can only assume is like the Synthesis’ own funny uncle by the way he keeps reaching over and awkwardly touching our metaphorical legs inappropriately:

Dear Jason,
Thank you for your interest in the Synthesis. Unfortunately we’re not hiring at this time. We at the Synthesis generally prefer our writers to have at least a modicum of testicular fortitude and an ability to write interesting things. Also, the hat. It’s not retro; it just makes you look like an old human Lego. Lastly, we appreciate that you’re talking about our newspaper in that other newspaper and though I don’t read your column regularly, I’ll be sure to continue not reading it in 2013. We’re not gone yet, sucker!


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