Generations ago, the corner of 8th and Broadway was the original site of Chico’s first brewery while also housing Chico’s premier brothel upstairs. Fast-forward to today and new owners, Rob Rasner and Steven Hall have named their own beer bar “The Winchester Goose,” a 14th century term for prostitute, natch. I interrupted Rasner as he was putting the finishing touches on the bar for a brief interview concerning the developments of this exciting new watering hole.

What will make the Winchester Goose stand out from other bars?

We really worked hard on making it beautiful to look at, and the staff is gonna be really informed and friendly so there’s no pretentiousness. I’m not into that kind of thing. The beer will be the best selection in town. Hands down. I’m a beer nerd and that’s really the only reason I’m doing this. I’m really working hard to facilitate bringing beer Chico simply doesn’t have to this market.

How many beers on tap?

We have 24 taps and a beer engine, so 25 really. And also we’ll have a lot of bottles as well to drink here, or to go.

Is this a bar just for beer snobs? Will those who add oranges and lemons to their drinks be scorned?

No, no, no. I steer away from the term “snob” although I would say I’m a beer snob for sure. Like I said, this is not about pretentiousness. This is about educating people about craft beer. I want people in here that are curious about it. The staff is here to talk to you about it and to make you feel more comfortable asking questions and to help you find something that you’ll really like.

Is the rumor true that you have to have a moustache to work here?

[Laughs] No, it’s not true because I would have some very scary looking bar behind my bar, but it started off as kind of a joke and has become this kind of team building exercise where everyone’s gotten on board to be like, ‘Let’s all rock moustaches.’

Keep your eyes open for the Winchester Goose’s impending opening sometime this week or next at the latest.

Nolan Ford grew up in Chico, California with great respect and admiration for Synthesis and its mission to provide an alternative voice on matters of music, art, and life in Chico. In addition to editing the paper and managing its musical content, Nolan performs with various bands around town including Perpetual Drifters, The Rugs, Pat Hull, and acoustic duo, Emma & Nolan.