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Every year, it seems like the holidays sneak up and tap us on the shoulder around the middle of December. Like so many, I also put off some of my shopping until the last minute for one reason or another; too busy, not sure what or where to get something lovely for a loved one. This year, unsatisfied with the uninspired shopping guides in other local weeklies, I decided to get out there and check out the scene for myself. In this issue, I’m saluting the local shopping scene by doing all the legwork for a last-minute holiday shopping guide. Don’t even think about shipping anything because all the cool stuff is right here in Chico. All you have to do is grab a latte, the Synthesis and your Nice List and go.

Right off the bat, I want to say that I totally realize that I’ve just barely scratched the surface when it comes to all the cool local products and businesses that we’re featuring this week in our Holiday Shopping Guide. I know there are oodles of perfect things out there waiting for you, but I really wanted to just take a few unique things from as many shops as I could and put together a guide to help get your hamster running on your brain wheel for those last minute gifts.

That being said, if spending money during the holidays is just not your cup of tea, give the gift of your company. Experiential gifts and spending time with you is the crown jewel of holiday memories; even if you’re that one crazy uncle. The evenings spent laughing and warm; dinner, lunch, brunch, it doesn’t matter. Just being together and getting to know your loved ones all over again, sharing jollies and time, the experience of being merry together, it’s the best gift of all and I believe that’s the true spirit of the holidays. We trek out into the cold, travel far and wide, to touch and see our loved ones, to reaffirm our connections with each other and nurture our nostalgia. So never underestimate the value of just showing up. It can be priceless.

This week, we have a really touching holiday story by Kenneth Kelly, and Bob Howard brings us an in-depth artist profile on a brand new rookie local songwriter. We’re also showcasing Five by Five tonics, the little company that kicked Kickstarter ass and is now being featured in specialty shops and holiday stockings all over California.

Lastly, I’d also like to give a quick shout-out to the ladies that work at Ruby’s, Urban Laundry & For Elyse for being so friendly and helpful when I came in frantically looking for outfits for holiday parties. Thank you so much!

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