In This Moment

Single: WHORE 

by In This Moment

Formed by singer Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth in 2005, In This Moment has had a revolving door of supporting musicians since their inception. However, these lineup changes didn’t stop them from tagging along on several notable festival tours since then, such as Warped, Ozzfest, Mayhem, Uproar, and most recently Aftershock in Sacramento. In addition their fourth album, Blood, had an impressive debut at No.15, upon its release in August of 2012. A quick Google image search of Miss Brink portrays her as a voluptuous, pin-up type, but she actually has the pop-star pipes to go along with those dirty looks and painfully seductive outfits. One is instantly drawn to her mesmerizing doe-eyes encased in smeared, dripping black kohl. She has a come-hither smile and she steps with purpose and confidence, even while adorned with a dunce cap with the word “WHORE” scrawled across it. But, while this, the title of their second single, might make you think it’s a fitting description of their sexy front-woman, take note of the parenthetical acronym that comes with it: “Women Honoring One (Another) Rising Eternally.” Quite an uplifting thought from a simple, sexy pin-up, eh? She encourages empowerment, strength, unity, and unique expression as ideals for women to take back and own, as she proudly displays her scarlet letters. Revisit the chorus the next time you consider labeling someone, either male or female, using this “nasty” word: “I am your sinner, I am your whore. But let me tell you something baby, you love me for everything you hate me for.”

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