Have you always dreamed about having your own pirate radio station but you’re too lazy to learn how those old-timey radios work? Well somebody invented Mixlr! You can record a broadcast reel directly from your phone or into the mic on your computer, and blast your golden nuggets of wisdom or musical genius out to the world. I don’t know if it uses radio waves, but it is heavily integrated with Soundcloud. It was a little less intuitive to figure out how to use everything and to get my music on there for a playlist. I finally gave up and decided to just talk about stuff that was on my mind. I can imagine myself using Mixlr to record an audio version of the Synthesis for the visually impaired, or for people to listen to it in the car on their way to work, or while they’re working out at the gym. I also imagine myself using Mixlr to wisecrack about local issues, like perhaps a live broadcast in tandem with the City Council meetings? If you’re a musician and you’d like to broadcast your album at a certain time, maybe to coincide with a tour, then Mixlr would be a great place to connect with your fans. It’s also great for podcasting! In the car! You just set it to record and talk all the way home about stuff as if somebody is in the seat next to you. You could also car-sing for part of it. The point is that it’s yours, and you can finally have your very own radio show!

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