Minecraft Rocks

We are going to tell you about Minecraft, one of our favorite computer games to play. When we became friends, we started playing Minecraft a lot together, especially now that it’s summer.

The game is basically about constructing things with blocks in a 3D world. You can place them and break them to create different types of things like buildings and art. You can even plant things like carrots and ferns. There are more than 150 types of block materials that you can mine, like gold and diamonds.  “Punching Trees” means that you are mining trees to get wood.  You can explore the worlds and find dungeons and caves. The game is made by a company called Mojang.

There are single player and multiplayer options so you can play alone or with other people. You can play with your friends and work on things together if you want, and chat in the chat bar. We join each other on servers. The game is available online, Xbox 360 or you can play on an iPad, iPhone or Android.

The main character, which you get to play, is named “Steve.” There are lots of other characters that try to kill you in the game, like zombies, ghosts, and creepers. Creepers will blow you up and the stuff you’ve built. You can also have pets or livestock that can help you. Some of the things we have built include an art gallery, houses, hotels, castles, and cannons. Most blocks stay still, but some like water and lava blocks can move. Lava can burn things. The worlds in Minecraft are randomly created and you can basically build your own world. Or you can type in a “seed” (a word like “floating islands”) and it will give you a new type of world. We like that you can just think of something and then make it.

Everything is made out of blocks and the main goal is to build stuff and slay the Ender Dragon, which we’ve both done.  You can still keep playing after you’ve done it, though.

There are different “modes” you can play—creative, adventure, survival, and hardcore. We usually play in survival mode. There’s not much violence and no blood or guts, but creatures do try to kill you or destroy things you’ve built. You can create or use weapons like swords or bows and arrows but no guns.

We also like to go on YouTube and watch video tutorials of how to play. Some of the tutorials have bad language in them depending on who makes them, so you have to be careful.  If you are playing for the first time, it is good to play with someone who already knows how.  But it’s fun to figure things out on your own, too.

What’s cool about the game is that it changes and you can get new stuff, called updates. For an example, we just got an update that gave out horses and donkeys. You can also get things called “mods” online that give you stuff that you can’t get inside Minecraft.

We think playing this game has made us smarter and more creative, but sometimes you can get too addicted and need to take a break. We like it because you can build whatever you want, there is no limit. We’d like it if they had more frequent updates but besides that we think its great!

by Jack Daverson, age 11

and Harley Gonzalez, age 10

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