Metal Mayhem


Looks like a pretty solid week for metal. Which is good. The Christmas music is already in full force, and I’m ready to punch a wall or two.

On Tuesday the 10th, three bands will be tearing Cafe Coda apart limb from limb. Straight off the plane from their crowd funded Euro-excursion, Armed For Apocalypse is ready to bust some good ol’ ‘Merican eardrums open. Eclectic metal-heads Death Valley High and Chico’s Gigantes will be sure to sacrifice your flesh to the Rock Gods first. This show is all ages, and only $5 gets you a ticket to the mayhem. Bloodshed starts at 8pm.

And just in case you didn’t go completely deaf on Tuesday, Monstro’s Pizza will be serving up a show that’ll send you hearing aid shopping by noon. On Wednesday the 11th, heavy hitters Epitaph of Atlas will be heading a Mini Music Fest with Outside Looking In, Gyro Spazzers, Wizard Rifle, Monk Warrior, Cities, and Surrounded by Giants. If you like the feeling of your bones being ground into dust while your innards leak out of your ears, get ready to have a face full of crushing metal! Like all shows at Monstro’s, all ages are allowed. This show’s gonna run you $7 at the door, and the start time is a little earlier than usual to make time for all the bands, 7:30pm.

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