Chico might not be a giant melting pot of diversity, but we’re definitely full of characters and opinionated pontificators. I include myself in that latter category. I said the other day to Matt, “I’m not a hag or anything, I’m just vocal.” And he said, “That sounds like something people say about their cats. You know, when their cats are meowing really loud and annoying everybody, they say their cats are really vocal.” Aside from causing something to be wrong with my eyebrows, it made me think.

I’m definitely a typical example of a liberal loud-meower. It seems like we’re all kind of falling into the categorical rhetoric trap, constantly talking in circles around each other, over each other, agendizing every issue, and hyperbolizing. We’re losing the middle ground. You feel one way, I feel another, why are you so intolerant, why am I tolerating things? It makes for a pretty frustrating experience, and fills me with fear for the future of Chico.

But while we big mouths shout over each other, I know that there are groups of people in pockets of town working diligently to effect change and make Chico a great place to live. Those are the people that dissolve the fear, that give me hope, that take the focus off bullshit like the Farmer’s Market stalemate, the complicated clusterfuck surrounding homelessness, the fire department robbing us blind, and possible city bankruptcy. Innovation and teamwork will save the day, and in the coming months, I think we’re going to see our very own bat beacons shining a light on the future of entrepreneurship, technology, and makerspaces in Chico. Do you have plans for an amazing invention but never had the opportunity to make a prototype? Now you do. Do you have an amazing concept for a start-up but you just need truly affordable office space? That’s about to happen too. It’s an exciting time to live in Chico!

In this episode of the Synthesis, we kick some serious ass with an exclusive interview with Rob Blair. He gives us the lowdown about what’s next and how he’s been handling his newfound downtime. Also, Nolan journeyed to Bottle Rock to check out this most highly anticipated music festival. Did it live up to the hype? Did the Synthesizers end their season on a high note? And make sure you do the wordsearch this week because it’s chock-full of all the coolkid bands from Bottle Rock.

Also, a shout-out, a head’s up, a challenge, if you will; the annual Blue Room Bocce Ball Tournament is coming up! The deadline for getting your team registered is Friday, May 24th. Check out for more information and start thinking of awesome balls-related team names now. I’ve got Dain working on our Synthesis team name, so you know I’m taking it seriously.

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