Or woman down, actually. If we were a band, Michaela Warthen would be our Ringo. Or maybe she’d be the Leonardo in our Ninja Turtles. Or the Egon Spengler of our Ghostbusters. Either way, she’s gone to stinkier pastures, following her husband to Lodi while he attends pharmacy school. I miss her dearly already and so, to honor Michaela’s time here as our Creative Director, I’d like to do a montage.

Music for the montage: Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma

Michaela was pretty amazing at finding the best Internet cats. Every once in a while she’d bomb my IM with something like a cat stuffed inside a jar, or a rainbow of cats fighting evil, or kittens with funny hats on, dressed up like Harry Potter characters. Michaela got to have one last final cutesplosion of cats on our DOOMSDAY Cover a couple of weeks ago. It was one of my favorite covers of anything ever.tumblr_mfuzgyD7t61r8xaf0o1_400

Michaela was also very tall—well she still is tall, she didn’t die or shrink. She is a taffily elongated, bedimpled human. For example, it was really easy to spot Michaela amidst the massive hordes of crazed bargain shoppers at the Lulu’s Warehouse Sale because she was so tall and we didn’t lose each other in the crowd. She’s my tallest friend; she made Dain feel small. And I’ll miss that about her. ginormica

Michaela was always really good about bringing her own lunch. I would see her noshing on grapes and boiled eggs a few desks down. I think it was her cannibalistic bird diet that made her so chirpingly cheerful all the time. Except on Fridays when she hated my guts. It was ok that she hated my guts on Fridays because I know she loved my guts all the other days of the week.

Another thing I liked about Michaela is that we had our own inside jokes (#gymsock) and we laughed at and hated a lot of the same things (#hashtags). Also we had matching yellow sweaters and liked to drink watermelon beers sometimes while we were working and we both always agreed that cake is delicious. I know a lot of people like cake, but those people aren’t Michaela and I don’t care about what they like.

Thank you Michaela! I miss you and wish you and Skylar all the best! (But come back.)












This week we’ve got a super fun issue full of writerly-type things. Also, Tanner Ulsh is our interim designer and he has done a pretty amazing job bringing his own flava to the paypa. Thanks, Tanner!

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