There aren’t many things that would get the two of us up at the crack of dawn, especially knowing ahead of time that we would be standing in line for hours. But the buzz and anticipation for Lulu’s 4th Annual Outlet Sale was palpable and contagious. Thousands of glamour girls flocked to the Humboldt Ave. warehouse, many of whom started arriving around 6AM to wait for the doors to open. Those crazy fashionistas were, at one point, lined up all the way past the Skate Park, waiting up to three hours for a chance to get to the front. And for the most part, everybody was cheerfully waiting, knowing that once they got in, it would be like a feeding frenzy of fabric. There would be tons and tons of dresses, purses, shoes, and accessories, and finally a chance to shop at Lulu’s for those of us who really miss their old downtown venue.

When we first entered the dragon hoard of halter-tops, the scene was not for the faint of heart. Women were frantically searching through giant boxes full of normal (and abnormal) looking clothing, crawling on the floor and under tables to maneuver through the crowd, and groups of girls just standing around in their bras trying on dress after dress. Amateurs! The outlet shopping pros came wearing swimsuits for quick changing comfort.

People were so focused on looking for hidden treasure that the Biebs could’ve been shopping next to them and they probably wouldn’t have noticed. This annual event is quickly becoming a Chico institution, but next year I think we’re gonna wear helmets, swimsuits, kneepads, and comfy shoes so we’re fully prepared for shopping our asses off.


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