This List Of The Best Albums Of 2013 Will Make Your Heart Sing


Haim – Days Are Gone 


These songs are so powerful because they feel exceptionally true, like they could have happened to me or you or anyone. And they are so catchy that I am probably singing “The Wire” in the shower while you are reading this.


Cut Copy – Free Your Mind 

Cut-Copy-Free-Your-Mind (1) 

2013 was a banner year for music that makes me feel good, and nothing can match the euphoria of Free Your Mind. I’m pretty sure we danced like fools to “Let Me Show You Love” at Duffy’s last Saturday.


Jagwar Ma – Howlin 


Another album that just makes me feel really good. Some weird combination of 60s pop and drugged out trance. I know that doesn’t sound great on paper, but trust me, it’s great.


Juveniles – Juveniles 


Are you going to go and listen to any of these albums? Juveniles are an electropop group from France, and they are better looking and more talented than any of the bands you like, so maybe you shouldn’t listen to them.


Kurt Vile – Walkin on a Pretty Daze 


Sometimes I’m just in the mood for rambling 10 minute songs.


Wet – Wet EP 


This record sounds so sick. It’s like R&B made in zero gravity. If you learn one thing from this piece, it should be that this record is sick.


Lady Gaga – Artpop 

lady gaga

Forget all the haters, this album is fun, it makes me happy, and R. Kelly is the best.


Baths – Obsidian

baths - obsidian

This album makes me feel things.

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