It can take some bands years and years to get to a level where they are traveling the country and playing premiere venues. It took Vegas’ improvisational rock band, Moksha, five years to reach that level. On May 30th, Moksha is embarking on a short five-day tour that will bring them to Chico’s own Sierra Nevada Brewery on Tuesday, June 4th.

“So excited to play the brewery,” stated Sam Lemos, lead singer of Moksha. “We hear it’s a legendary venue. We’re just honored they wanted us to play there.”

Moksha is a very talented group of individuals. Along with Lemos, they are comprised of Jeremy Parks on guitar, Brian “Tree” Triola on keyboards, Pat Gray on drums, and John Heishman on bass. They play a plethora of music styles; to pigeonhole them into one genre is quite difficult. When asked what genre of music Moksha plays, Lemos replied, “That’s the most difficult question to answer. We try to avoid the jam thing—not that we don’t love the jam scene, [but] it’s kind of a loaded term. We like calling ourselves rock n’ roll, because [that term] has covered so much over the years.”

Moksha are no strangers to Chico. When asked what show he was most looking forward to on this tour, Lemos said with a huge smile on his face, “Definitely Chico, that’s really true. With a Chico crowd you get a lot of antics. They are good listeners and great partiers.”

A good crowd can definitely make an average show into a spectacular show. “It’s hard to get into it when you have been hardly sleeping and traveling [long distances]. It makes it real hard to get into it if the crowd isn’t, but if they are into it time just flies by.”

In addition to playing at the Sierra Nevada Big Room this summer, Moksha will be at High Sierra Music Festival, a destination they’ve wanted to play at since their incarnation. “I love High Sierra…I’m happy to be an artist there; they treat their artists really well. I can’t even believe we’re playing it. We have been shooting for it for a long time.”

Audience members who catch a Moksha show on this upcoming tour will get an extra-special treat, as they are joined by an all-star horn section comprised of Peter Apfelbaum, Jen Hartswick, and Skerik. If you’ve never heard of any of these amazing musicians, you are in for a real delight. When I asked how it was to play with this all-star horn section, Lemos noted, “It’s mind-blowingly wonderful—almost intimidating, because across the board they are all geniuses.”

Do yourself a favor and catch Moksha at the Sierra Nevada Big Room, or at any of their other stops on this brief tour. I’ve been lucky enough to see Moksha more than 20 times, and every show was different—so no matter what you’re looking for, you are certain to be entertained. I asked Lemos what somebody new might expect from a Moksha show, “If they like to dance, they can expect to dance. If they like to listen to free-form improvisational shit and get deep, they will get that. If they like funk, they will get that. You will get a lot of different music styles. You are going to see three of the greatest horn players alive right now. That alone is worth the price of admission.”