Letter From the Editor

As usual we’re marching to the tune of our own little drummer over here and we’re dedicating this issue to Pride Week in Chico. Pride Weekend begins August 23rd and it looks like there are going to be a lot of fabulous parties going off around town. We’re covering it a little early so you have plenty of time to get involved and volunteer to help with some of the events. Check out www.stonewallchicopride.com to learn more about volunteer opportunities. Amy Olson’s LGBTQ+ biographies this week are a reminder that when we share our stories together, we become closer, stronger, and kinder. If you have a personal story you’d like to share about yourself, please feel free to send it in to editorial@synthesis.net because caring is sharing.

Apropos of nothing, I think my car is becoming self-aware. It’s like a modern day version of Stephen King’s Christine except instead of being a demonic 1958 Plymouth Fury, it’s a sensible modern hybrid and it knows things. It knows when I’m a block away from my house because it switches into EV+ mode—which I’m pretty sure means it’s running on the power of my thoughts. How does it know I’m almost home? Why does it get so excited? Also when I get home at night and it’s dark, the headlights stay on while I’m leaving the garage and don’t turn off until I walk into the house. Creepy, beady little headlight eyes watch me, waiting. And then the other day, as I was driving along like an old man on a Sunday, a little yellow wrench popped up on the dash screen. The manual said it was just some vague icon about a powertrain and to call the dealer. Well, get this you guys—a letter came in the mail today that said I needed to bring the car in to have the dealer do an electronic update on the powertrain. My car knew. It was trying to tell me something but it didn’t have enough icons. Or maybe it didn’t have enough blood? I may start small and mow down a squirrel just to see if it has any effect on my car’s ability to communicate with me. Or maybe it’s haunted by the ghosts of Detroit, wanting revenge on all the Americans who don’t purchase American-made cars? That would be the smug answer, sure.

Also, if you get a chance to ride the roundabout, I recommend riding it all the way around a couple of times to really get the hang of it. Do this late at night so you can roll down the windows and yell WHEEEE! I spent a few minutes going around and around and then shooting out of each exit. Also, yay for green bike lanes! I hope they paint some share-o’s or aware-o’s, whatever those chevrons are called, onto the green lanes for added awareness power.

Sara makes the words happen.