Letter From the Editor

Summer is winding down, the ghastly heat is heading for another hemisphere, and I can only make fun of Melissa Daugherty so much in this letter-from-the-editor space! Her latest letter from the editor reads like a cat wrote it. Or like somebody sitting in the mall, vapidly twirling her hair, and talking to a security guard about, like, stuff. Your community misses the risk-taking opinion-makers over there! Say something! This is getting serious—people are asking the Synthesis to pick up the slack, and WE ARE TOO BUSY TALKING ABOUT POOPING AND ROCK N ROLL.

People are always saying that the News & Review isn’t interested in playing with us because we’re competitors, but I’m here to tell you: that is whack. We’re two very different animals. Our community depends on the News & Review for delving into issues, investigative reporting, and actual serious coverage of community news. And we’re here to provide edgy editorial running commentary from authentic Chico-American voices, while also covering some face-melting bands once in a while. Our paper is meant to be a community-sourced weekly—if I have to go out and investigate Brian Nakamura’s “vacations,” or Chico State’s “shadow government,” or that fire truck that sat in an impound yard for 30 days, or rumors that Tom Gascoyne made Nakamura cry, I’m going to need some help. So check it out: if you’re interested in doing some srs bznss investigative reporting, shoot me an email. sara@ synthesis.net.

This week’s hodgepodge of radness kicks off with a feature about a man with a garden that’s scoring big karma points with the homeless community. Tomatoes with a conscience! On the entertainment front, n00b music correspondent Negin busted out a Big Gigantic preview. Once you read it, you’ll feel like the pied piper is piping in your ear, leading all the cool kids dancing in a line to the Senator. And Howl gets all up in the Winchester Goose with a fantastic article, straight from the Goose’s mouth! This issue is stacked.

Heads-up: I’ve been live-tweeting the city council meetings from my personal twitter account, but we’ve set up twitters for the weekly! Please follow @SynthesisWeekly; whether you’re watching at home or in the council chambers, you can check out my take on the happenings, the issues, and that bozo Jessica Allen. Audience participation encouraged!

Sara makes the words happen.