Letter From the Editor

Happy Anniversary to me! It’s official, I’ve been with the Synthesis for an entire year! I’ve only quit 17 times, eaten a few yogurts out of the community fridge that I knew weren’t mine, and caused a very small handful of riots that I then crawled away from and let resolve on their own. I’ve covered some great stories, met a bazillion new and interesting people, live-tweeted quite a few city council meetings, and hopefully pissed off/endeared myself to all the right people. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Speaking of fun and how sometimes things aren’t fun that are supposed to be fun… I interviewed one of my favorite authors for this week’s issue! I couldn’t believe he agreed to an interview, because he’s very busy and important. But being an infinitely nice guy, he sat down to a video chat with me all the way from Jupiter. (Florida, not Outer Space.) I was so excited and prepared. I had questions, I had research (printed out and highlighted), crowdsourced questions in case I needed them, an outline of the entire direction of the interview in case I got stuck. I was going to ask him so many great questions and then he’d be like, “Dang! You’re a genius, we should hang out!” And I would be like the Fonz and play it super cool.

But I was not at all like the Fonz. No, I was like that one Muppet that doesn’t do anything except stand there and look really scared. I completely froze up, couldn’t find my words, forgot English, remembered it again, fiddled with my glasses, got really embarrassed, and then the grand finale was a barrage of verbal diarrhea the likes of which you’ve never seen.

I’ve fretted and agonized over this giant fail for a couple of weeks now. Going back to transcribe the recording, I found that my mic was turned ALLLL the way up and his mic must have been ALLLL the way down. In order to catch Howey’s answers, I had to crank it up and blast out my own eardrums with my pathetic, shrill, and awkward rantings. Nobody loves the sound of their own voice, but I had to sit and listen to a half hour of my own sporadic, barking laughter while pulling out the shreds of whisper words coming from my poor victim. Anyway, I’ve survived this cheap lesson in humility and I promise that I’ll get back to being obnoxiously self-confident soon enough.

This week’s issue is an extra special salad. You know how I love a good serial? Local writer Sam Kitchen is busting out with a scary three-parter and it’s kicking off in this issue! All that plus Amy Olson’s Aubrey Debauchery & The Broken Bones interview extravaganza. Joyeux Anniversaire!

Sara makes the words happen.