Letter From the Editor

So, how about that government, eh? You know what really bothers me about all this? Republicans are screwing around on Twitter while babies are going hungry. The GOP has effected a government shutdown, and instead of acting like they give a single rip about fixing what they’ve broken, they’re too busy promoting themselves and acting like children on Twitter. Take Doug LaMalfa for example (no really, just take him)—tweeting away, collecting a paycheck, collecting his farm subsidies; meanwhile babies go hungry without a funded WIC program. Babies are going without formula, and that ignorant, greedy pile of horse apples isn’t missing a single meal. Is the GOP really this cold and full of shit-weasels? Unfortunately, yeah. So now I’m wondering, will these do-nothing dirtbags bring us all together and unite us in the common mission to vote them out of office, or will the partisan divide grow even deeper?


As for WIC in California, according to their website: “The California WIC program has funds available to continue to operate normally through October. CDPH will continually monitor program activities and evaluate the situation. All efforts will be made to ensure that the women and children enrolled in WIC will continue to receive vouchers for food.”

How about you get off Twitter and go do your jobs?


Speaking of political divides, new writer J.D. DiGiovanni brings you a fascinating look into the formation of the State of Jefferson, and the people in Butte County who are ready to make it happen. Until then though, they will continue in “patriotic rebellion against the States of California and Oregon” and continue to “secede every Thursday until further notice.”


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