Letter From the Editor

Have you been following the City Council meetings? Craaaazy stuff happening there, people! As four or five of you may know, I live-tweet the city council meetings from the comfort and safety of my sofa, and this week’s meeting was full of cliffhangers and surprises. There is definitely some drama flying between Mayor Gruendl and a cabal of “disgruntled” ex-employees. Check out the screen shots from the Mayor’s Facebook page on www. truthmatterschico.com to catch up.

From my vantage point, this is what I see happening: There are some ex-city employees that are being investigated for possibly mishandling funds (i.e., stealing wads of loot from the city and fraudulently covering their tracks). These ex-city employees say that these projects were approved, and they’re making a big stink about collecting public records and council minutes to prove their point. Why would they be so outspoken about their innocence, putting up a website, attending the council meetings, and publicly raising hell if they were guilty? If they were guilty, wouldn’t they just shrink silently into the shadows and move someplace obscure, like Temecula, and leave us to sort out the mess? Or are they deflecting attention from themselves by trying to create a scene about something else while they change the narrative about their own involvement in the city’s deficit problems? These are the questions that are hopefully going to be answered in the coming days.

In the meantime, City Councilmember Randall Stone understands that it’s his job to keep the ship afloat and stop up the leaks. He’s looking at some creative solutions to solving our Caper Acres budget issues, and ways to raise more revenue for Bidwell Park. And he’s doing all that while sorting out the Fund 400 debacle and nurdling a brand new baby. He managed to find some time to sit down with us and talk about all the things.

Also this week we’ve got exciting local celebrity news! Two of Chico’s own are competing in this season’s Amazing Race! Entertainment News reporter Amy Olson really channels Ryan Seacrest and delivers a slammin’ interview with Adam Switzer and Brandon Squyres. Be sure to tune in and cheer them on so hard. The Amazing Race premieres on September 29 at 8PM on CBS.

Last week we said goodbye to Jen Cartier, but this week we say hello to two new columnists! Jackie Scalf will be reporting on local food stuff in her new column, Edible Bits, and Dan O’Brien will be waxing poetic about all things Sportsball-related in his new column, the Weather Report. They’re accepting fan mail at any time.

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