Letter From the Editor

I’m a good speller! I swear. In elementary school they used to call me Sara “Words” Calvosa, and I never went down in a spelling bee ever—not for onomatopoeia, not for rhythm, not for Czechoslovakia. I was the house champion; nobody came into my house and out-spelled me. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that I misspelled Dylan Tellesen’s name last week. I wasn’t happy. I thought about yelling at Amy or Kathy, but the fact was it wasn’t their fault. It was my fault. I got taken down because I was too busy making sure there were berets photoshopped on Twisted Colon’s heads to fact-check. My journalisms were a fail. Fortunately Dylan barely even noticed, and come to find out he kinda likes it when people spell his name wrong. It’s weird.

I’m super excited about this issue because I’ve been bandwagoning hard on the Paleo Diet and I got to be a huge fangirl while hanging out with Sarah Fragoso in my kitchen! Squeee! We made pudding! Technically it was panna cotta, and it was delicious and Sarah is rad. You know how in Mario Bros. when you’re running along and you jump and hit a block and a flower grows out of it and you get on the block and run over the flower and suddenly you can throw fireballs and run really fast? That’s how it feels to hang out with Sarah Fragoso. And here’s a fun fact: I joke about “the dinosaur diet” but in fact, very few dinosaurs were omnivores. The more you know…

On a sad note folks, our beloved food columnist, Jen Cartier is growing up and moving out of the basement. She up and moved to the Bay Area this summer, but to us she’ll always be Jenny from the Block (of cheese! Get it? She likes food and cheese is food. And also things are about to get cheesy up in here.) We’ll miss her sassy reflections on life, love, and food, and the authenticity of what’s in her heart coming through our pages every week. We wish her all the happys on this next chapter and drink to her health. Things I miss about Jen:

She’s a swell dancer—check out her moves on the Synthesis Facebook page.

She’s a snazzy dresser.

She bakes excellent gluten-free brownies.

She’s funny.

She’s cute. We’re down one attractive female now because Jaime O’Neill does not look good in a skirt.

She’s real. Having a conversation with Jen is an authentic look into your own soul.

She hears you, sees you, loves you, and laughs with you. I’ll miss her to pieces.

Sara makes the words happen.