Letter From the Editor

I had a lot of extremely important things to say this week about local media, Penny Arcade, anachronistic news outlets, and Syria—but instead I can’t stop thinking about egg-in-a-hole.

Why don’t more restaurants offer egg-in-a-hole? Or toad-in-a-hole, egg-in-a-basket, toad-in-a-basket, bird-in-a-nest, bird-in-a-toad, whatever you call it. It seems like everybody calls it something different, and that’s okay. It’s essentially a hole in a piece of bread through which an egg may be cooked, sunny-side up or over easy/medium/hard. And then, the punched out piece of bread hole can be toasted and used to dip in the egg yolk. Everybody loves it; it’s widely touted as a banging hangover cure; it’s simple, quick, cheap, and you can even dress it up. So why are restaurants not jumping at the idea to put egg-in-a-toad-in-a-bird-in-a-nesthole on their menus? I don’t get it. And yes, I know this issue is not relevant to anything at all. I’m sorry for that.

You know, I’ve been with the Synthesis for almost a year—a full year since I first Mary Tyler Moore’d my way through the park on my bike for my first day of work, curious and fresh and full of ideas. And I have to say, just being curious this year has led me skip-hopping into some pretty interesting stuff. Some of it inspiring, some of it heartbreaking; all of it relevant to our community. We’ve taken some bold, honest editorial approaches to community issues, and whether you cheered or booed, I thank you for participating in our journalistic anarchy.

Speaking of skip-hopping into cool stuff—take me down to talent town, Chico! Week after week, it seems like I find something new to be stoked-on-Chico about. I had such a great time this week interviewing Dan O’Brien and the Dylan Tellesen Steamroller Orchestra artboy band. We’ve also got a big, fat, sludgy scene report from Epic Fest, where Tommy Diestel is covering some metal-mania. Also, check out what that delightful scamp Jaime O’Neill is talking about this week. He’s not afraid to upset any apple carts, and this time he’s talking about professors

And it’s official: I’ve finally manipulated the universe into keeping Tanner Ulsh on board as our new designer. So please, welcome his talented ass to the team and bask in the glory of his poppin’ fresh style.

Sara makes the words happen.