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So I’m writing this letter on Friday the 15th, after a press conference for Ken Grossman and Co. for earning a Zero Waste Platinum Rating. Level up! Nice work, guys. That behemoth of a booze factory manages to divert 99.8% of its waste—that means over 50 tons of waste diverted away from the landfill. Here are some other facts from the press release (I went to the press conference, but there were too many people there and I get weird in crowds and can’t pay attention. Or I end up standing next to Tom Gascoyne who smells like Duffy’s and I get distracted thinking about how I want to be at Duffy’s and I forget where I am and why I’m there):

• $5,398,470 avoided disposal costs, and $903,308 in revenue (2012) – both of these include spent brewers’ grain, which makes up the bulk of what it diverts

• 51,414 tons diverted from landfill and incineration

• 11,812 tons of CO2e greenhouse gases avoided

• Reuse:

Shipping pallets are rebuilt locally

Employees are given an insulated Klean Kanteen and a ChicoBag® on their first day to help them get into the habit of reuse

Single sided paper is collected and turned into notepads for employees

The same boxes in which bottle caps are delivered are saved and reused to ship t-shirts

• Given the lack of regional composting facilities, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. was the first in the US to install a HotRot composter to compost its organic waste. This system composted 261 tons of organics in 2012 that otherwise would have gone to the landfill.

So, a hearty congratulations to the hardworking Chico- Americans at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company; we thank you for your passionate commitment to making awesome beer and to making the world a better place.

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