Letter From the Editor

You know I’m going to say something about it, so just cover your eyes and peek through your fingers. What the hell is wrong with you, councilmembers?! Actually, no. Not all of you, that’s not fair. Morgan and Sorensen are off the hook because they’re the token conservatives and nobody really expected them to vote any differently. Stone and Ritter are off the hook for being the only people with any goddamned sense. But Schwab, Gruendl, and Goloff, you three are blowing it. Thanks a lot for crapping all over the constitution because you can’t figure out how to get people to stop crapping on the sidewalk. Anyway, I’m sure all four of our policemen are going to have a great time ignoring this ordinance, along with all the other civil code violations they’ve been ignoring for years.

I’m also calling out Melissa Daugherty. Yes, again. Shut up. A couple of weeks ago she published this statement in her column in the CN&R regarding Ann Schwab’s recusals, and I found it to be especially lame: “Barker clearly articulated what neophyte political watchdogs—those who have just started paying attention to city issues—don’t understand: that Schwab cannot lawfully participate in certain discussions.”

Now…here’s the thing. Mary Goloff posited a question about it herself at the October 22nd study session. So is Mary Goloff a “neophyte political watchdog” as well? If Melissa had to actually ask Schwab herself about the fuss over her recusals, then does Melissa count herself in the n00b category too? And what’s wrong with just starting to pay attention to city issues? We all gotta start somewhere. Going by the standing-room-only, packed city council meetings this past year, people are starting to get involved, and it’s awesome! And maybe all the explanations make sense to Melissa because she’s got her head so far up the ass of the status quo political machine around here that she can’t see that it doesn’t make sense to anybody else. The emperor is naked!

If our city council members must recuse themselves based upon geographical proximity to a vested interest (ie: downtown or Bidwell Park), then are they capable of truly governing in the capacity that we need them to? I’m not blaming Ann for following the letter of the law; I’m saying that the law is junk. And yeah, actually I’m blaming her for accepting a position when she knew that she’d be incapable of making decisions related to downtown and Bidwell Park. So call me a neophyte for asking questions and saying the things that everybody’s thinking, but it’s better than being a sheep.

Speaking of other bullshit groups of people, nice work School Board! Way to sneak that 6th-grade junior-high switcheroo deal in under the radar. I’m not jumping to homeschool my kids or anything, and I know that any change is hard and can bring about a lot of whining, but you know you totally pulled a shady one. We’ve got our eyes on you.

Sara makes the words happen.