Three Victorian women traveling through space and time, learning about the universe, themselves, and each other. This is my recurring sci-fi wet dream, but more importantly it’s the premise of On The Verge – the new piece of theatre from CSUC.

“It’s clearly about women and their particular travel through time,” director Joel Rogers says. “It’s about humans as they move and develop through history and into the future.”

Apparently, the most challenging aspect of this piece was getting the female cast into the language of the play. “The language and rhythm of the Victorian lady traveler is quite different from our speech. It’s fun to watch the construct of their language deteriorate as they move from time to time, growing more nostalgic for the future.” What? Well… I definitely heard “lady,” “Victorian,” and “future.” Let’s hope for corsets, hoop dresses, and a steampunk-themed after-party. Find out for yourself April 2-7 at the Wismer Theatre. You can get tickets at the University Box Office.

Meanwhile, the Senator continues to exhibit symptoms of undiscovered awesomeness, with the huge light show/dance party on March 27th. I know it’s a Wednesday, but this is a show of Coachella caliber.

Opening the show is VibeSquaD: hot, heavy, and awesome; a beautiful slice of bass music that usually only plays NorCal shows in SF. This DJ is light on the dubstep, heavy on the trap. It’s gonna be a lot like what you get in BassMint, and in the extremely bassy room that is Senator this is a very good thing.

The headliner is Lotus, which is made up of five clean-cut white guys who jam really hard. Zero lyrics, maximum groove that never stops. There’s also a lot of synthy bleep-bloops and some samples. From what I can tell, the Lotus experience is really about the visuals; you have to see their epic light show to fully enjoy the music.

I decided to hit up their bassist, Jesse Miller, to see what he had to say. “If this new album were a dream of mine, it would all exist inside an epic eight-bit video game adventure, and the colors would seem abnormally bright in a way that let me know it was all a dream…and I’d be riding a dinosaur.” When I asked him what he knew about Chico, he said, “That’s where the Sierra Nevada Torpedo cans come from.” I asked him which Pokémon his band would be, but he didn’t know what a Pokémon was.

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