Last Call

These last two issues have been an incredible retrospective of the work that was done by so many over the last two decades. I’m proud of what we accomplished on many levels, and I’m proud of all the people that have ever been involved with this newspaper. We’ve made lifelong friends, threw a lot of stones at a lot of glass houses, and have been part of something that had the pleasure of letting many individuals freely express their creativity in a way that’s rare in this world. Over the last two decades this little newspaper started the career of an amazing array of talented people—it’s hard to believe this is it.

Business, as it should, requires you to develop a thick skin. This was a hard won trait I had to develop while being the frontman of this organization at a very young age. It’s a lot more common now than it was in 1994 for a 22 year old to follow an idea and create something that others can enjoy along with them. I have to admit—when we went public with the news of our inevitable demise and the public reaction was a staggering outpouring of unbridled good will, I was taken by surprise. Between Amy’s piece and my own we had well over 1,000 shares on Facebook with what seems to be an uncountable amount of Likes, comments, messages, phone calls and emails. It really has shown me that we’ve added some value to the lives of a lot of readers over the last 21 years.

It’s been a fun ride.

Time to put this to bed.

In a weird way it’s fitting that I’m writing these words after spending two days at the Facebook Developers Conference in San Francisco while sitting in my hotel room at The Clift, taking in the bleeding edge future tech ranging from advancements in AI (hello, Skynet) to advancements in Virtual Reality (hello, Neo). Weird in the sense that the technology that I’ve been celebrating for the last two days was the same technology that caused the utter demise of this industry. Despite the inspiring and exciting events of the past two days and seeing how these events will help shape the projects I split my time between in a multitude of amazingly positive ways, I can’t help but truly feel the overwhelming bittersweetness of ending this weekly publication.

Unfortunately, this is not an elaborate April Fools joke (although it was discussed). This is it. Reality and not virtual.

It is with an overall sense of profound appreciation that I write these words. Thank you to everyone who’s ever walked through my door and every advertiser who wrote a check to help support this dream. I’m grateful beyond words to all of you.