Labored Day

Ah, Labor Day weekend… the tubing, the camping, the general jubilance that surrounds any three-day weekend and time not spent at work or school. I especially love Labor Day weekend because my birthday falls in the first few days of September. Because it’s (almost) my birthday, I’m pulling an Oprah and giving you a list of my favorite things. Graphic novels, current stories in the news, it’s all here. Enjoy.

Life Imitates Art: Remember in Back To The Future, when Biff crashes his convertible into a truck carrying a giant load of cow… um, “leavings?” Well, because life is a little mysterious but mostly hilarious, a man in Wisconsin named Matthew Bruhn rented a Ford Mustang convertible from a local branch of Avis—and after being distracted by his phone, he accidentally crashed into a tractor carrying manure. Gizmodo is reporting that the tractor driver wasn’t injured, while Bruhn escaped with merely a broken finger and a bruised ego. The worst part of all this for Bruhn is that the tractor was carrying manure of the liquid kind. The worst part for all of us, is that no one caught this magnificence on film.

Aonami: If you haven’t visited this sushi spot located in the Nord shopping center, you’re missing out, especially if you’re vegan. The location is a little weird, but this place has the best vegan sushi in Chico. You won’t find any avocado or cucumber rolls on the menu here. Tempura yam and asparagus, sweet chili sauce and sriracha—the combinations are amazing, and will only set you back about $5-10. They also have sushi of the more conventional variety, but strive to offer options that are sustainable.

Octopussy Conversation Piece: Below is the Octopus Table. Created by Isaac Krauss, this behemoth weighs in at about 500 lbs and costs $5,000. I have nowhere to realistically store this beauty, but I’m sure if I actually did have space for it, I’d probably trip over it in the middle of the night and impale myself on one of the tentacles. I guess I’ll just continue to lust after it through the safety of my computer screen.

Blast Off: According to Geekologie, NASA is selling off its launchpads. Which means my plan to banish all Hello Kitty merchandise ever created by launching it into space can finally happen. At the very least, I’ll be able to ditch my cardboard box fort and upgrade to something with a little more legroom. Best birthday ever.

Zooey Mae has been working as a writer monkey for Synthesis Weekly since 2007. Her favorite things include (but are not limited to), Jeffrey Brown, bubble wrap, Craig Thompson, pillow forts, receiving handwritten letters, and whiskey. She spends her free time stockpiling supplies for the impending robot Apocalypse and avoiding eye contact with strangers.