La Fin De Votre Visage

Quick! We need someone—anyone—to write something about the big loud show at Coda this Friday. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Cold Blue Mountain – Monuments Collapse – As In We – Shadow Limb 

Maybe you, the reader, are asking, “Who are these bands and why should I care?”

This is exactly why I’m stepping up. I’m not even a writer and I’m gonna try to get through this with you because this is important. Live music with humans playing instruments to stimulate the senses and convey rich emotions—shut up dude— sometimes a person just wants to have their chest rattled by some good ol’ tube-driven rock.

Let’s start with the advertised information. This is from the Facebook event page:

Variety is the spice of life and if you desire to have your musical palette bombarded with 4 different varieties of music, this is the show for you. 

This will be the debut of Shadow Limb featuring members of the Former La Fin Du Monde who promise to bring their blend of instrumental heaviness and epic soundscape, followed by the beautiful and angular guitar stylings of Santa Fe’s As In We. Next will be the crushing and huge sounds of the Bay Area’s Doom Metal connoisseurs Monuments Collapse, followed by home town mid tempo gravy robbers, Cold Blue Mountain. Should be a great night of music. 

Mmmm, gravy.

This entire show is like the soundtrack to a fucked up nature film depicting a sperm whale and giant squid grappling to the death, as a herd of bison tumble over a cliff from above and splash down into the waves below. Then from across the fjord, out of the smoke, burst locusts upon the earth like horses prepared for battle; on their heads appear to be crowns like gold, and their faces are like the faces of men.

Sold yet?

Cafe Coda, Friday Nov 15th, 8pm, $8, all ages.

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