Thursday is the best night of the week, because it means Friday is less than 24 hours away and the weekend is right around the corner. It also helps when there’s something new and interesting to do in Chico, which is how I ended up hearing up about Kytami’s US/Canada tour. If you haven’t heard of Kyla LeBlanc (stage name Kytami), she’s an incredibly talented musician who combines the classical sounds of the violin with electronic beats, and who has been dubbed a “music revolutionary” by What’s Up Magazine USA.

The show started at 9pm and as a rather punctual person, I arrived on time, which meant no one was there. My friend and I decided to kill some time at the new bar in downtown, Argus: Bar & Patio, until about 10:30pm when the staff said things would be bumping (although they didn’t use that exact word). When I came back to check… well let’s put it this way: there were four people on the dance floor and two of them wore ‘Staff’ shirts.

Finally, after wasting another hour, my friend and I arrived to music pouring out of the bar. The crowd was a diverse mix of ages; from individuals in their roarin’ twenties to one or two people topping off in the mid-fifties. As much as I wish there had been a larger turnout, the rather empty dance floor meant I could find a perfect spot to see the stage. When you’re on the shorter side like me, a concert isn’t fun when you end up with a 6-foot-plus guy standing in front of you and blocking your view.

Even with the slim numbers, the crowd was completely absorbed in the music, dancing under the multi-colored lights and soaking it all in. I turned my attention to the stage where Kytami (in her awesome ocean-reef-printed leggings and sleeveless hoodie) along with DJ Boomtown and Jay Tablet were completely rocking out.

Incredibly talented, Kytami gave off an amazing vibe—funky and laid back (between songs she was sipping her glass of wine). At times she would set down her violin, grab the mic and start rapping with her two co-performers. The three artists did a fantastic job keeping the crowd dancing and having a good time. It also helped that the audience got free SWAG that came in the form of T-shirts, hats, and CDs. And yes, I was just tall enough to snag a shirt from midair.

Overall, it was an engaging, upbeat, talent-soaked performance, although it would have been nice if there’d been a larger turnout. But let’s give it up for Chico; Kytami said that in 2 . weeks on tour, no one except our town had asked for an encore, so props to us for raising the bar.

If you want to check out Kytami’s music, she suggested people follow her on SoundCloud; she tends to put out a number of free mixes as well.