Kyle Forrest Burns — Photography At Naked Lounge

Kyle’s photography is raw elegance! These photos were very pleasing to the eyes. There is a great balance of duality in his works… I saw a beautiful scene of pristine nature, right before I witnessed the raw- ness of a half-eaten animal, decaying back to its source. More duality was found in the image of an old, rustic-looking home in shambles; what once was beautiful and strong, is now broken and falling back to nature.

There is also a mystifying tone in some of his works, seeming to capture moments in the solitude of nature… I can only assume the beauty that was being witnessed in that exact moment left the artist in silence, with no need to explain it.

The titles of his work were very suiting as well—actually, most of my attention was caught by the titles. I guess that they have a root in Latin or something of the sort: like “Rivus Turmoil,” which depicts a low body of water in a rigid canyon, thrashing downstream. Overall, Kyle has a sharp eye for the balance of life and death, the new and the old. I appreciate his ability to capture such beauty through the lens of a camera.

Written by Ty Mendoza

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