Kids In The Theater

The butterflies in my stomach and the feel of velvet brushing my shoulder, as I take the stage to perform my heart skips a beat. Not because I’m nervous, but out of pure joy and excitement.  Musical Theater is my life, my name is Tia Elizabeth Watkins, I am 14 years old and I live to perform.

My first theater experience was three years ago and just by chance. I have tried many sports and they just weren’t my thing. A friend asked me to do a summer camp at Chico Theater Company. The musical was Once Upon a Mattress. I auditioned my third day there just hoping to have a speaking role, to my surprise I was given the leading female role and this is where my love for theater was born.

I have since performed in five children’s theater productions and one full production at California Regional Theater. The children’s theater classes at CRT are amazing, I really owe everything I have learned to them.  If you’re thinking you might want to try musical theater, this is the place to start.

This spring CRT connected me to Chico State where I auditioned for their Spring musical and got a speaking role. This was by far one of my favorite experiences. The Chico State students showed us a wonderful time and have become mentors to me. This show will always be my Favorite, because my nine-year-old old brother Daniel was in it too. Standing side by side with him in Laxson Auditorium and performing on this stage was an experience I will never forget.

I have found the theater experience to be more than just performing, you create friends and these friends are your family during the long hours of rehearsals.  I have personally witnessed children/ friends overcome and conquer their fears. Friends who were too shy to talk in the beginning shining like stars on the stage.  I have also found there is a place for everyone in theater from performing, to creating sets to lighting and sound. Musical theater has grown big in Chico, children’s theater classes are the place to be. I am really excited for CRT Kids Fall Musical: Disney’s Mulan and Disney’s The Jungle Book!  Come join me this fall and experience the fun!

I know doors have been opened for me through music and I feel truly blessed to have a wonderful family who supports both my brother and I in theater.

by Tia Watkins Ramirez

Age 14

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