Hi, I’m Kaz! I want to talk about positivity. It’s the thing that makes everything great, no matter what. For example: my best friend Gossamer says he hates me and tries to scratch my face all the time, but I have a positive attitude so I just pretend my face itches really bad, and then he’s helping me out!

Lately the weather is getting chilly, and I love it. For one thing, it means I can finally justify wearing fur! Another great thing is sunbeams. On a cold morning I can wake up and see a sunbeam, and just go over and fall asleep in it! I also love hot weather. When it’s hot out, it feels really good to take a nap under the lemon tree. Getting lots of sleep helps me stay positive.

Another great way to stay positive is to do nice things for yourself. I like to lick my own butt! Another option for people who are less flexible is to have a good stretch in a sunbeam and then take a nap. If you do that every day, you might be able to reach your butt someday too!

It’s also good to do nice things for other people, like using your paw to sweep up the cat litter and little bits of poo that they kicked out of the litter box into a neat little pile. Service to your community makes you feel useful and connected to others!

Sometimes I hear people say very negative things. No matter what the topic is to begin with, they find a way to make it about the thing that makes them mad, like gun rights or Obama, and they call everybody else mean names like “stupid” and “Hitler.” I think that when people are nice to each other it makes the world a better place. Good manners and kindness are the glue that holds society together.

I’ve heard that some people like to complain, and I find that confusing. If being unhappy makes you happy, what does that even mean? Does being tired make you feel awake? It’s a lot easier to keep things simple and just enjoy being actually happy instead.

Someone told me it’s because angry people like to stay in their comfort zone; they grew up with people being angry, and they think being positive might not be safe! I would like to offer them this advice on how I do things: My comfort zone is everywhere, because my body has a thick layer of fat that’s nice to sleep on. I got that layer of fat by being nice to myself and eating all the cat food I want. There are a lot of things that make me feel good and I make sure to enjoy them. I feel safe all the time because I’m nice to people, and that makes them like me and be nice back. I never overthink things; it’s better to think about them just enough, and then stop.

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Hi I'm Kaz!


  1. terri mullen says:

    great ideas – let me give this a try in my hooman life 🙂

  2. terri mullen says:

    great ideas – I must see if this works for me