Joy & Madness also featuring Ideateam

What better way to celebrate the end of the school year than by shaking your ass to some really good funk? No better way, I tells ya! It’s the perfect music for people who don’t normally dance: the bass pretty much does all the work for you.

Sacramento has been kind enough to lend us not one but TWO of these groups of booty- movers this week: Joy & Madness, fronted by the sexy-in-a-really-weird-way singer Hans Eberbach, joined by creative up-and-comers Ideateam.

Joy & Madness features an impressive collection of talent, and are guaranteed to drive audiences insane with happiness.* Six of the eight members were formerly in The Nibblers, a widely known funk band that dissolved in 2012 after a bunch of drama ensued, resulting in the firing of afore- mentioned sexy-in-a-really-weird-way singer Hans Eberbach, and the realization that pretty much nobody in that band actually wanted him to get fired and they all left with him— essentially meaning that the people who fired him were the ones who ended up getting fired. Adding to their already high caliber cadre, they brought in pocket bassist Miss Nyxi (who I don’t actually think would fit in my pocket, but that’s not important right now), and guitarist Bobby G (who has played with Earth Wind and Fire, Sheila E, and Lionel Ritchie).

*this claim not evaluated by the FDA

Ideateam likes to let the brass speak for itself, pushing mainly (but not only) instrumental renditions that blend influences into something unique. Featuring two saxophones and a trombone, two guitars and a singer, and two sets of drums and a bass, this nine piece is perfectly formulated for splitting songs into jammable sections that showcase every element of funk. They’re a lot of fun, if you like fun.

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