The air was thick at the 1078 Gallery last Thursday night. It was a regular who’s who of the Chico metal scene, with veteran musicians out to support up and comers, Sorin and Io Torus, two of the newer metal bands in town opening for Bay Area giants, Fallujah. The art gallery was filled with patrons waiting to have their faces melted and their guts strewn about. They would not be disappointed.

Leading off the night was Io Torus playing their first show in Chico. For a new band, they were very tight. Each transition felt fluid, even during choppy breakdowns. Io Torus mixes technical riffs with pounding rhythms and driving drums to create prog-metal masterpieces.
As the night continued on, the energy only kept increasing. Up next was Sorin. They know how to throw down. Melodic sweeping melodies mixed with brutal vocal lines really complimented the furious rhythmic breakdowns. Sorin transitioned through sweeping riffs, chugging chords, and offset bridges with seamless dexterity. The band has a powerful energy with a stage presence perfect for rallying a crowd. Their breakdowns were loaded with heaviness, leaving people stomping and slamming their way through the pit.

sorin 2
Just when one thought the night couldn’t get any heavier, Fallujah took the stage and gave everyone a big what for. Fallujah was nuts. No really. They were insane. One second the guitars are screaming all around you, and the next second everything stops and melts into a pummeling breakdown. Then while everything is still disintegrating into chaos, the band picks back up into incredibly synchronized shredding. Before you even know what’s happening anymore, another heavy ass breakdown simply destroys your world. In the middle of their tour, Fallujah has been up and down the West Coast recently, playing in Washington, Oregon, other parts of California, and even Canada.
And let’s hear it for everyone who was involved in putting on this event. It’s shows like these that show the vibrancy of Chico’s music scene. The more fresh bands that get out and play, the more diversity there is within the scene. This town has the privilege of having great local music readily available nearly every week, something that is unheard of in some places. Great shows bring people together, and the greatest shows keep people talking about the whole thing for weeks to come. This was definitely one of those shows. What’s not to like about some fresh meat taking the stage alongside some great out of town rockers? Hopefully soon we’ll be seeing both Sorin and Io Torus again. And maybe if we hope and pray, Fallujah will come back one day too.

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