Inside the Eyewall

Bear & Moose

From the opening tones of droning feedback, to spastic drum beats and driving guitar, it’s apparent Portland-based rock duo Bear & Moose are onto something. Upbeat and downtempo tracks create an eerie juxtaposition between songs, like a trek through a dark psychedelic bog followed by a trip to the clouds. Bright melodies, crunchy surf-punk guitar riffs, and catchy synth lines combined with fat garage-rock beats creates the sonic atmosphere of Bear & Moose—all the more impressive when taken into account that it’s only two dudes making all this noise. Spacey, cryptic vocals hide nuggets of knowledge and life lessons in lyrics shrouded with reverb and effects. If you’re looking for more of a “nothing to do about anything” just-for-fun song, then check out “Days of the Week,” a nonsensical song about (you guessed it) the days of the week. Whether singing about life’s deepest mysteries, or for lighter laughs, Bear & Moose find new ways to keep their music interesting. And while mainstream commercial success may be light-years away, Bear & Moose have struck indie-rock gold with their album Inside the Eyewall. Be sure to keep your eyewalls peeled for this Portland rock duo in the future.

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