An Incomplete List Of Real Scumbags

Our species being what it is, there’s probably never been a scumbag shortage. From Caligula to Ann Coulter, the human race has always been good at producing people who were no damn good. Currently, however, we seem to be making a practice of giving especially high visibility to scumbags, electing them to office, or turning them into celebrities, and thus enshrining their scumbaggery.

For no particular reason, let’s start with the avuncular Fred Thompson, the actor, former senator from Tennessee, and tepid Republican presidential wannabe. He can be seen on TV every day, peddling reverse mortgages to senior citizens with his bullshit folksiness and phony sincerity. As one wag once said of sincerity, once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.

Mike Huckabee is often described in the national press as “likeable,” but he’s just another smiling fascist intent on displaying his ignorance of almost every subject he chooses to take up, from women’s “libidos,” to the proper role of government in our lives.

Congressman Joe Barton of Texas. This scumbag serves on the House Energy Committee, but the people he serves are the Koch brothers and other big corporate polluters. In a recent hearing he said: “Wind is a finite resource, and harnessing it would slow the wind down which would cause the temperature to go up.” Ignorance like this ought to be rarer than it is, especially in positions of authority.

George Zimmerman was the guy who stalked and shot Trayvon Martin, a 17-year- old kid armed only with a bag of Skittles. Then, attempting to cash in on the fame he garnered with that killing, he figured he’d stage a “celebrity” pay-per-view boxing match with a rapper. A class act, this Georgy boy. The boxing deal fell through, but will Dancing With the Stars be next? Perhaps the producers could arrange to have Zimmerman dance with Michael Dunn, the other Florida “stand your ground” creep who is perpetuating the fad of blowing away black teenagers who inspire fear because they are so inconsiderate as to appear in public displaying their skin color.

The Koch brothers, of course. These are guys with more money than God, and they like to spend goo-gobs of that loot to deny people with less money the kinds of perks and benefits they enjoy without thought. They are currently doing all they can to see that poor people don’t sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Real scumbags.

Though there is no way to list all the current high visibility scumbags in a short column, it would be an oversight not to mention our own congressman, Doug LaMalfa, the rice rancher who has taken some $5.1 million from the government in rice subsidies, but votes a) against extending unemployment benefits for people who can’t find jobs in this economy where there are three job seekers for every job, and b) against food stamps that are a lifeline to the children of the poor. Look up the word “hypocrite” in the dictionary, and you just might find a picture of our Dougie, a guy who inherited land and wealth, but preaches self-reliance and personal initiative.

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  1. Mary Ellen Dias says:

    Problem is, it seems like no matter how much these scumbags are exposed, they continue to rule the roost. Has the public become so accustomed to them and believe their lies to such an extent that they, the public are willing to live under a plutocratic fascism?

  2. Ted says:

    Every single OLD CROCK article repeats the same stupid, ignorant bullshit like a broken LP. No solutions, no inspiration, no intelligence, no independent thinking.
    Just crybaby crap uttered by an angry decrepit loser.
    I’ll keep drinking TEA. You keep drinking the KOOL AID.

    God bless George Zimmerman.
    God bless Edward Snowden.

    1. Murray Suid says:

      Ted, I like your call for solutions. I know they’re hard to come by, but if you have any, I’d love to read them. I can’t speak for Mr. O’Neill, but I’ll bet he’d be interested in your specific suggestions for improving America…and beyond. I should add that if we read between the lines, we can discern at least one solution that the author proposes, namely, that our leaders ought to be consistent. If someone opposes government handouts, that person ought not accept a handout himself. I am going to guess that this is something you and Jaime would agree on.

  3. Ted says:

    Here’s the thing, Murray.

    OLD CROCK/Jaime carries an incessant amount of whine about many subjects, mostly political. “So-and-so did this”, “Tea Party bla bla bla”, whine, whine, whine.
    A GOOD writer takes what’s happening, and offers suggestions, solutions, possibly even ways to unite differing political parties to achieve a common goal, to better America during it’s harshest times in 200 years.

    I can whine, cry, and bitch all day and night without offering any kind of cure- and what would that accomplish? NOTHING. Don’t bitch unless you have a solution. Don’t attack opposing party members unless you can help. Don’t be so closed minded that you are certain that NO human being of another party can’t work with you in achieving what is righ6, true, and good for our country, and out future generations.

    OLD CROCK serves to do nothing more than take up space being completely NEGATIVE, which serves NO purpose other than fanning flames.

    We don’t need more pissed off people- we need people that can help all of us band together to bring us back to a strong and proud nation. Period.

  4. Henry Reggin says:

    I see now why the paradise post is firing him. nothing good to say.