The Impossebulls


I love hip-hop in its pure form, the spirit of which sparks awareness to the various dimensions of creative expression and freedom throughout the universe. – DJ Wally West

Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different pushes the subsonic envelope of my living room. My wall-hanging and otherwise precariously poised objects were due for a study in earthquake readiness, and The Impossebulls deliver extremely diverse and groove-inducing waveforms.

I anxiously dig into our twenty-first century’s version of liner notes—BlocSonic Netlabel pulls out all the bells and whistles with their best-in-class digital packaging—and I am quickly entranced by ”the Bull’s” unmistakable comradery and drive. I’m in awe of the broad roster they describe as “the world’s first virtual rap squad.” I see and hear that they were reared in the art of slave-education (and I do love this phrase) by professionals such as Public Enemy. Unlike many of their contemporaries in the burgeoning net audio scene, these cats have put in time on the road as the openers and as a main draw.

The first few tracks make up an icebreaking introduction as they ooze with the group’s reciprocal respect for their audience. These brutally honest lyrical operators have the privilege of dancing on cross-pollinated classic sample-driven backdrops and more eclectic production elements. A few of the my favorite things: The singularly genre-less sound and the kinship emanating from “Road Warriors.” The wet pavement and penetrating pulse of the city in “Bigger Than You.” The spoken interludes ranging from intimate comedy to meta-topical wisdom. Sekreto & Caballeros Del Plan G’s sharp spit en Español as featured on “Break 1-2.” The samplings of Def Chad’s aptitude for words and Villain151’s “scathing stream of consciousness” found in “Havenots Mascot.” Another standout is the “GetBack > GetDown > GetUp” luxe concept trifecta. Beginning with “The GetBack,” C-Doc, Chuck D, Marcus J, and Tah Phrum Duh Bush share ebullient histories of their journeys from fandom. “The GetUp” seals the deal, burning out with outstandingly positive vibes. Additionally, Mported Flows, Jamod Allah, Mike T, CM aka Creative, Cheese, DJ Lord, Boooka, and Brother Mike Williams are also “in on this joint.”

Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different is fueled by a pragmatic, scavenging, collective spirit; it seeks and finds a taste of selflessness, humility, and gratitude. The full-length album has many desirable throw-back qualities for hip-hop heads, but there is nothing about it that is antiquated or bereft of youth. This crew knows how to play. Their tales epistemologically pursue a sweet spot between realism and optimism.

The Impossebulls are seasoned, grounded, and as cool as the concrete beneath the clear, sky-blue and vermilion dusk of summer. They communicate a unique non-denominational gospel of self-knowledge, respect, reverence, maturity, clarity, and liberation. I dig ‘em.

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