Summertime is boring! There isn’t any good news, nothing’s going on, and grown-ups are robots. This week, the kids are taking over the Synthesis! It will probably come as no surprise to any of you that we are raising some pretty incredible young rascals here in Chico. I was so impressed with the flood of talented and thoughtful pieces we received from our junior correspondents. Also, thank you to the parental admins for facilitating this effort! We had close to 20 kids participating in this issue, and I have to say that with kids like ours, Chico, we have a lot of potential for great things in the future.


I have to admit that I was surprised by the depth and insightfulness of the contributions we received. Basically we didn’t get a single fart joke. Which was kind of disappointing, but at the same time amazing. Instead we received pieces about orangutans and the devastating effects of palm oil on their habitat, and the struggles that come along with being a young activist. We also received a really touching coming-of-age story about transitioning into high school, and an honest account about self-esteem and body image from a brave 13-year-old girl. Plus a short story, poems, art, photography, a look at our budding musical theater scene (from a kid’s-eye point of view), and then there’s the amazing, perspicacious Lily! And rocket launchers.


So, with all these really splendid contributions, I’d like to kick it off with a poem written for me on Mother’s Day by my own heir to the throne, Isaac Harlow Voorhees, age 10.


I love you little

I love you lots

My love for you would

fill 10 flower pots

12 buckets of sand

11 oceans blue

10 bowls of chili

and nine galaxies

(*You say the last part like “niiine golden rings”)


Thank you so much to all of our contributors, big & small!

Sara makes the words happen.