Humble Beginnings

You peer into the depths of your fridge to see what you can excavate and throw together for a quick meal. You see leftover bits of a couple different cheeses, some almost-done-for spinach leaves, a few humble eggs, a bit of milk and one lonely zucchini that you intended to cook the other night but you lost your steam somewhere between walking the dog and the desire to sit your ass on the couch and watch The Big Bang Theory. Guess what? With what is in that fridge, you have a tasty, easy meal just waiting to be thrown together. Frittatas are the king of the egg dishes in my house, since you can basically throw in whatever bits and pieces you have kicking around the fridge and go to town. Once you make one or two frittatas, you can’t be stopped! It’s a simple method that you can twist up a million different ways to suit your palate and mood.

Eggs are a key staple in our house, and we always have a dozen on hand for those nights when dinner inspiration eludes me. These delicious powerhouses are chock full of protein, iron, vitamins, minerals and carotenoids (disease-fighting nutrients). I purchase my eggs at the Wednesday or Saturday morning farmers’ markets whenever possible (I love Chaffin Orchard’s eggs and Cowgirl Eggs) but if I didn’t make it to the markets, I will pick up a tasty, local dozen at Chico Natural Foods. Or, if you are a homesteading-hipster, you might be cool enough to have your own chickens that provide you with the freshest eggs possible. There is an immense difference in the flavor and color of the yolk in local, organic eggs rather than what you may pick up at a massive chain grocery store. The yolks of good, organic and truly fresh eggs are bright orange-yellow bursts of sunshine instead of a sad, pale yellowish color, and the flavor is incomparable.

There are so many ways to cook an egg and make a fantastic meal out of it: fried egg sandwich, with Swiss cheese, avocado and a little hot sauce; frittata; quiche; baked eggs with cream, gruyere and bacon served with toast soldiers; breakfast tacos—scrambled eggs, beans, cheese, avocado, salsa or hot sauce; omelets; egg salad sandwich with a little Dijon mixed in, served on toasted bread with fat slices of avocado; migas—eggs, tortilla chips, tomatoes, jalapenos, cheese, salsa. Or, put an egg on it! Add a fried egg to: a bowl of fried rice; a mound of Spanish rice, avocado and salsa; sauté whatever veggies you have on hand, pile that on a grain of your choice (farro, rice, couscous) and a squirt of Sriracha; pasta with garlic, Parmigiano- Reggiano, salt and pepper.

I’m not including any recipes here, but I hope that this may inspire you to try a new egg-based meal. Go check those interwebs!

Jackie is a sometimes food-blogger that is trying to balance the world of mama-hood and her love of food by getting in the kitchen and whipping up edible bits for herself, her husband and her 1 year old and by writing here in this space. She likes to keep it local as much as she can, and you will probably see her cruising the Saturday farmer's market, coffee in hand (always), and chowing down at local restaurants. She braises, she roasts, she can do a mean chiffonade and she firmly believes that bacon and butter make everything better.