Aries: Your approach to life is one of experimentation and adventure. It’s also learning beyond the sake of an education. It’s the higher kind of learning where you make a difference. You’re in a place right now where you’re like the jeweler that sold everything he owned in order to obtain The Pearl of Great Price. We don’t always have a lover when we feel we need one. Desire verses our own creative process as we try to make sense of life, death, and birth. The moon will be in Aries Friday afternoon through Sunday. You can be in your power.

Taurus: Be happy with who you are. Did you know that you possess the elixir that everyone is looking for this time of year? You’re generally the opposite of Halloween, meaning, you’re not scary. Love can be work. Or you could fall in love with someone you work with. Be in love with the work that you do. Career stuff is best taken care of early in the week. Mid-week is best for meeting with friends. Lay low over the weekend perhaps working on personal creative projects. Otherwise love the one you’re with and be ready to negotiate.

Gemini: Much of the heart opening bliss of Libra time is coming to a close. The tough work of Scorpio in your sixth house is coming to light. Monday and Tuesday are your lucky days this week. The types of service you can offer the world should be your main focus. Also if your own personal health is in crisis it’s likely to take a longstanding commitment in order for it to improve. Helping others with a charitable cause, or doing a good deed just out of selfless love can remedy the harshness of the season. Take time to sleep.

Cancer: Steps to happiness are easy to find these days. Matters of the heart are the things that seem to count most to you. What are you doing with your art, your cooking or your gardening? If you have children, their issues will be more important to you. Love affairs, playfulness and good times should abound. You can be a better leader and a better teacher during this period. Pay off debts early in the week. Take note of your lust meter. Wednesday through Friday morning is the best for travel and the best for missions of goodwill.

Leo: Sometimes in the frenzy of taking care of others in a crisis we forget to take care of ourselves. Partnership issues dominate early in the week. In a sense this is a good time for making peace. Family issues loom super heavy during this period. Logic doesn’t dictate everything. At times you need to be guided by your feelings. Take note of the needs of older relatives. Think of ways to make your domestic space more livable. The weekend looks good for travel, higher learning and matters involving sports and risks.

Virgo: Communication and environment are major themes this week. Who are you as far as your neighborhood reputation goes? What role do you play amongst your siblings and friends? You spend much of your time gleaning information and attempting to pass on the knowledge that you’ve received. Wednesday and Thursday are powerful days for peace making and lovemaking. Seek a better way to get across your message. Honor those that you consider to be your brothers and sisters. Be ready for improvements.

Libra: Sweetness comes in many forms. Your karma with sweetness is being looked at. You’re better off eating a persimmon than a donut. You are what you eat more than what you say or what you think. Actions speak the loudest when it comes to how others see you. Monday and Tuesday are good days for creative projects, love affairs, being with children or learning to be more generous. Your imagination and dream life has a message for you. The weekend looks good for romance and getting a contract signed.

Scorpio: Your time begins early this year on Monday the 22nd at 5:14 PM PDT when the sun moves into Scorpio. You are the sign with the highest highs and lowest lows of the zodiac. Mars in the second house indicates that you are making financial advances, using your voice forcefully, and are trying to put on a better face. Wednesday through Friday morning you have a creative surge and your heart opens up to many possibilities. Use the weekend to get organized or to relax to improve your health.

Sagittarius: Pay attention to your dreams. What is your relationship to secrets or to shame? Much will be revealed to you about your unseen karma. Pay off as many debts as you can handle. Mars in your first house makes you incredibly independent and adventuresome. Jupiter in your seventh house can give you a relationship that elevates you spiritually or causes you to turn to the bottle. The weekend looks good for travel and exploration. Your luck is good and best of all you can take others along for the ride.

Capricorn: Be all that you can be. Powerful people are entering your sphere of influence. Good friends and allies make for a better life. Moneymaking is good on Monday and Tuesday. Friends and neighbors seek your attention on Wednesday and Thursday. The weekend looks best for staying with family and working on domestic projects. Don’t loose track of your own creative purpose. You can have a breather. Now is the time to do a little more future planning. Invite the kind of people you like into your social sphere.

Aquarius: Once educated we move into positions of greater responsibility. There is no need to fear the future since you are going to be in charge. As you know we can always do better. You’ll find yourself more in the public eye. Career opportunities are present that will utilize your best talents and skills. The moon will be in Aquarius on Monday and Tuesday, go get the job of your dreams. You’re looking good and capable. You have a passion to work with friends. Seek a strategy that allows others to see your good side.

Pisces: If there ever was a time for people to get real with their spirituality it’s now. Taking things to a higher love-level is crucial no matter how whack that seems. Listen to third party candidates and be filled with hope and inspiration. You are one of the people that actually give a damn and are capable of doing much good during this period. The moon will be in Pisces on Wednesday through Friday morning. The creative vibe is super strong on these days. Know that luck, inspiration, exploration and education is on your side.