Don’t back down on common sense and good values. Your money is only as good as your morality and the good you can do with it. Be wary of the “I got mine” culture. A solar eclipse occurs on Thursday at 5:28PM PDT. This happens in your house of possessions and money. I advise spending part of the day praying, meditating, and especially singing spiritual songs. You are bound to be super hungry, yet fasting may be advised.


Dreams can come true. Imagination is a strange deceiver. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t coming to get you. Karma can be a blessing just as much as it can be a bitch. It’s best for you to lay low during the eclipse. Help others that are isolated and you’ll make good progress. The moon will be in Gemini Friday afternoon through the rest of the weekend. Look for a good exchange of ideas. Pursue a spiritual purpose and help make good karma.


Get to work. The time to slack off is over. Now is the time to make hay while the sun still shines. Taurus time rules your career. Leos are happier at jobs that provide a certain kind of beauty and an opportunity for some creative expression. Gardening, cooking, music, and art are the traditional ways to express such beauty. The new moon puts you more in the public eye. Peer pressure is something you’ll need to deal with. “My way or the highway” people are very lonely.


Venus moves into your ninth house this week. The possibility of a long distance relationship or having some art get published is enhanced. You’ve been going through some deep transformation. You’ve had to let go of the many things you couldn’t control. The new moon solar eclipse Thursday could very well add to that transformation. The weekend looks good for travel and for hanging out in the great outdoors. Know that things will begin to improve.


Hard work is in front of you and the best thing for you to do is to keep at it. Your focus needs to be on teamwork, charitable causes, and taking care of your own personal health issues. You may need to help out a family pet or an uncle or an aunt. The solar eclipse helps you to get organized and puts a spotlight on where you may need to improve. Monday and Tuesday are good for creative work and dealing with children and lovers. The weekend is made for romance.


You’ve been in a more introspective and sensitive space where your prime focus is self-nurturing. Begin the week by being a better communicator to those closest to you. Take surprises and sudden changes of plans in stride. Be an encouragement to your parents and older family members. The new moon rules your domestic environment, your memories, as well as your mother. Give up trying to change others. The new moon encourages you to be the change you want to see.


Put your thinking cap on and learn to think things through. An ultimate renewal is coming to you. This is a very cosmic week. Don’t move too quickly. Everything deserves to have its own special attention paid to it. The moon will be in Taurus Wednesday morning through early Friday afternoon. The new moon eclipse gives you a chance to reflect on your soul and address the goals that need to be addressed. Financial prospects look good over the weekend.


Who you know is important during this period. Helpful friends can make all the difference in the world. Much of last month’s performance anxiety has calmed down. Allow yourself to go out more often and have a good time with friends. The new moon eclipse will help you make new friends that will be instrumental in moving your life forward. You may even want to throw a party for someone you love. Do things that help you prepare for a better future.


Be thankful for this is a glorious time of good fortune and expanded learning. Travel is good during this period. The new moon rules long distance travel, higher education, foreign languages, foreign cultures, and exotic experiences. Do good to others and the universe will respond with kindness toward you. Music, philosophy, and finding a spiritual purpose for your relationships is important. The weekend will have you more in the public eye.


Stay mature and firm on your position as we go though this week. Romance, engagement, and marriage are as likely as divorce with the new moon solar eclipse. The question lies, “what should I change and what needs to remain the same?” Opportunities to engage with others are many. Be discriminant, yet compassionate at the same time. Allowing for another person’s satisfaction to take priority makes you the bigger person. Give and receive freely.


Lover is a service that no one can really buy or sell. However, when you are more loving, you make yourself more attractive to others. Your heart is open and you’re feeling like joining others in working toward a positive common goal. The new moon falls in your fifth house of creativity and children. Be a better leader. Smile more often. Take someone out to eat. Nurture the goals that lead to a happier future. Stay engaged with family issues.


Opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one. Your focus now should be on being a better communicator. This includes being a better sister, brother, or friend to those nearest to you. Take care of financial issues early in the week. The new moon opens up the world of your local environment and neighborhood. You’ll be doing a little more working with your hands. The activities that you are passionate about are here for you to do and explore.