You’re finishing things off after dealing with last week’s full moon adventure. On Friday, Mars moves into your third house, prompting more travel and passion toward hobbies and education. Mercury moves into your fourth house, helping you to recover lost items and lost memories. The moon will enter Aries late Saturday night, making Sunday more of a fun, adventuresome time of discovery. Dare to learn more in this curious period of information and communication.


This is your time to shine. Most of the planets have been in Gemini these days. You have the beauty and creativity. You have good fortune and spiritually uplifting ideals. Your brain has been working overtime and possibly your mouth as well. On Wednesday and Thursday you get more wind in your sails. By Friday you begin to feel stronger with Mars entering Gemini. Balance your call to leadership with a sense of duty and service.


Where would we be without friends during our time of need? This is a time to reconnect with the people you love. Things are moving in a direction that you feel good about. Don’t neglect the people that love you. Take time to look into the future. Make preparations for things to be better. Sunday looks like a good day for travel, and having some sort of exotic experience. Continue to work on increasing your scope of vision for the kind of community you would like to be a part of.


Small things, with lots of love, end up turning into big blessings. You may need to take some calculated risks this week. Late afternoon Tuesday through most of Thursday is extremely lucky for you. It’s time to tap into your faith and to think big. New information is coming that will help you on your way. Mars entering your ninth house gives you the extra nudge needed to succeed. The weekend could be a lot of work. Take time to connect with a loved one on Sunday.


Partnerships can either flow in sweet balance or be caught in a stalemate. Honor your partnerships any way you can. See how interdependency can be a good thing. You are hoping that whatever romance is in your life will intensify. Sunday will be good for creative exploration and being with children. Blessed are the peacemakers. Good times are not over for you. Learn to share the decision-making process. Finish off that which needs finishing.


Love is in the air for you. You can expect many wonderful blessings to be coming your way. Seek a path of inclusive behavior. Each and every individual counts. Harm reduction is better than punishment. Your creative abilities are beginning to take center stage in your life. Children should be doing well. If nothing else, there is an urgency to produce something. Joy and playfulness are easier to come by. The moon will be in Aquarius Tuesday afternoon through most of Thursday.


You have a song to sing and a message to proclaim. Loquaciousness describes more talk than necessary. Otherwise you’re also known for having a quieter-than-average disposition. Your love of music is bound to leap out of you. Sing uplifting spiritual songs. Your finances are also about to improve. At times you’ll have to spend money in order to make it. Monday and Tuesday are good days for travel, higher education and moving ahead with things.


Waking up is hard to do these days. The world does not often present itself as a security zone; it’s likely better to look at it as a place of wonder and adventure. But it would be best to put your adventures on hold for the next couple of weeks. Meditation and wilderness hikes are good for what you’re going through. You may have some sort of epiphany this week. On Friday, Mercury goes into Cancer, giving you a clearer head to see things from both sides.


Interdependency is beautiful, yet you can’t be responsible for all of the grunt work at this point. Leadership positions are calling you. There could be some sort of career advancement on its way. What are you doing to further this along? Let the world know who you are and what you do. Know that your services, now more than ever, somehow conform to their expectations. Monday and Tuesday are your creative power days. Be ready to produce things.


Doing things the hard way is sometimes your last resort. Allow other people to gain from your success. Let go of the need to control everything. See losses as openings for more opportunities. Allow other people to help you and to share their wealth with you. Thursday night through Saturday are super good for setting spiritual goals and following through with creative plans. Break out of old patterns and shed some skin. You’ll end up being on top of your game.


Work extra hard. Demonstrate yourself to be a team player. Service work needs to feel more like love and less like obligation. Hit the floor running, but pace yourself. Shared victories are bigger victories. Get real about personal health issues that have been affecting you. Good people are all around to help you. Get plenty of sleep. Work hard, but know when enough is enough. You begin the week strong with the moon in Capricorn.


Get in touch with your roots. This is a good time to honor your parents for all the good they have done for you. Even if the only message you got from them is “what not to be.” Thank them for that. This is also a good time for home improvement projects and learning more about your heritage. Creative ideas come easily over the weekend with the moon in Pisces, and Mercury moving into your fifth house. Be expressive yet receptive, conscious yet open-minded.