Horoscopes Week of May 20th


This week’s focus is on how you relate to others. The full moon eclipse on Friday night will inspire travel and exotic situations. Keep expectations down to a minimum. Anything can happen and it’s best to be ready for anything. Good fortune is with you. Be aware of your friends’ needs. Practice poetry. Get to know your neighborhood. Communicate, work with your hands, be informed and in touch with your environment. Be careful with fire this week.



Everything is coming up Gemini, thus now is your time to shine. The good twin seeks the evil twin. The world is abuzz with information, communication, advanced thinking, bipolar disorders, dualities, and the hypocrisy of convenience. Monday and Tuesday are breezy and creative, when ideas can take root. Friday’s full moon can make for shaky relationship issues. There is a strong, lusty vibe in the air and you’re known to be sexually curious.



Career pressures begin to fade and you find yourself having more time for socializing. People throw parties as they launch off, celebrating birthdays, vacation plans, and new businesses. Making contacts with these folks will be to your advantage. The full moon on Friday night could be just one big party, although an eclipse in the fifth house of children and creative expression could cause some alarm. Stay loving and happy. There are good people all around you willing to help.


Positive energy floods the air for you. The moon will be in Libra from Monday morning at 10:07 AM PDT until 1:55 PM PDT on Wednesday. You’ll be able to explore new options for learning, traveling, and getting your message across. Explore an area that you have never been to before. The full moon eclipse on Friday inspires more curiosity. You may be reunited with old friends, siblings, and cousins. You’ll find your neighborhood and environment full of action.



This week’s full moon is all about you. When we are in partnership with others, our wealth increases. You are working on being a stronger person. The moon goes into Sagittarius at 2:49 PM PDT on Friday. It peaks in fullness Friday night at 9:25 PM PDT. Do something intelligent and dazzling. Stay sober and get plenty of sleep. DUI check points will be huge on Friday and Saturday. Not everyone understands your way of having fun. Be a sweetheart; save the wisecracks for later.



Things begin to move in a direction you can totally handle. The sun, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are in your fifth house, inspiring love, leadership, creative expression, and children. You could be someone bringing sunshine to the masses. The full moon eclipse Friday night is in your house of socializing and parties. Life is going to be a hoot from here on out. Be careful, see Sagittarius for what I’m talking about. I think you are ready to dazzle us.



Your season ends and it’s time to put on a new face. For the next few weeks, you’ll be focused on manifestation. You may need to work on vocals, dental care, get a neck massage, or change your diet a bit. Try not to bore people, as you have much to say. The full moon eclipse could be transformational. Trust your intuition and ask for help when you need it. By Sunday afternoon, things will have mellowed out. Keep in mind that your actions need to reflect your values.



If only you could retreat into your shell at this time. The world is a topsy-turvy place, like when a house gets picked up by a tornado. This is where you reap the karma for the past year’s deeds. Wednesday afternoon through early Friday afternoon you’ll be more in touch with matters of the heart. The question to think about is, “How can I make my karma better?” Honor the people around you that you have karma with. Help those that are hospitalized or incarcerated.



Be aware of all of your potential. You’ll be in the public eye more, beginning with this week. Career moves and your personal talents and skills are more in focus. Your ability to communicate and help others is excellent. You have good ideas at the workplace. The full moon is likely to affect your parents or your household. Be aware of the things that affect you emotionally. Be prepared to embark on tasks that require you to be a leader. Show your good side.



Getting rid of the evil within is perhaps harder than it looks. Affection can only be received when there is a sense of mutuality involved. You’re about to go through some deep transformation, and may need to allow others to have the last word. The moon will be in Scorpio from Wednesday afternoon through early afternoon Friday. These are times to get in touch with your goals and get your bearings straight. The full moon eclipse helps you to change your values and appreciate sensual pleasures.


Take care of yourself, as health problems and burnout tend to accumulate in you this time of year. You have good insights, yet it’s important to show your team-player side. Drink plenty of water and try not to allow every little thing to bother you. The full moon is all about karma, secrets, and the things you like to hide in the closet. It’s best to lay low, as you could be a part of your own undoing. On the bright side, you can enjoy the pleasures of the bed and make good karma helping others.


Family issues remain strong while you’re doing the best you can to feel comfortable in this situation. Do something nice for your parents this week. Work on making your home more livable and functional. From Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon, it’s easy to flow with things. The full moon Friday night is likely to help get you out of your shell and onto the dance floor. You have a strong foundation and a good imagination. Stay grounded and practical.