You continue to work on having a better diet and spending your money wisely. Now is the time to be thankful for what you have. You may owe or have someone else owe you money. Financial frustration is common especially in a First World nation. It seems like the more we have, the more we want. Late Wednesday afternoon through Friday you get a creative surge and feel more playful, perhaps even more generous and rich. Work on communication issues.


Expansion in consciousness, creativity, and opportunity are coming your way. However, now it’s best to finish off any unfinished business. Pay off old debts, forgive your enemies and ask them to forgive you. Pay extra attention to dreams, numbers, colors, and things that symbolize another meaning. Be aware that any failure is a new opportunity to start all over again. Mercury moves into Gemini Wednesday afternoon. Communication gets better from this point on.


Your headed toward a big push this week to get things done. Friends want to see you, yet there is a need to complete career responsibilities. Difficulties with family members need to be addressed. Don’t allow little things today to turn into bigger things tomorrow. Do things that your future self will thank you for. The moon will be in Leo Wednesday beginning at 3:38 PM PDT and stay there till early Saturday morning. The weekend looks good financially.


Get rid of fear and move forward. If one door closes, seek the next door. Suffering is universal. The good news is that all suffering is temporary. If you are in debt, know that you’ll eventually be able to dig yourself out of it.
Think of nothing as permanent. The real you is patient, graceful and able to move like the wind. Ask for help and allow other people to help you. No one is an island. Expect some good news
by Friday. A strong libido is a sign of good health.


Hard work and the need to be a better worker and team player have been the theme for the last several months. Being a good sport is about to pay off. You’ll say just the right thing at just the right time this week. Love will be poured out on you. You’ll need to try some different things before you’ll really find that kind of support. Wednesday afternoon through Friday are your power days. Be careful with your health not to over extend yourself.


You’ll feel less confined this
week and will be ready to try some new things. Family issues have dominated your attention for the last several weeks. Parent needs still have to be taken into consideration. Do things that honor your ancestors and show a sense of gratitude. Career opportunities may include using some of your creative talents. You’ll find it easier to be loving and playful. Know that it’s more important to understand others than it is to
be understood.


Welcome to the movie of your life story. It’s true that you are the flavor of the month these days. This is the last week you will have the opportunity to unleash your influence in a productive sort of way. Much of the week revolves around neighborhood, friends and family. Economic opportunities get better after Wednesday. Don’t engage in relationships that aren’t worth your time. The weekend will help you to feel like your old self again. Stay calm and loving.


Being a good person may not be enough on its own. Everyone has karma to pay for. We can’t be all things to all people. We can do small things with lots of love. The week begins on a high note with the moon in Cancer Monday till mid-afternoon Wednesday. These are good days for allowing your friends to help you. Take care of finances and basic needs the rest of the week. The weekend looks good for short trips, writing, and working on things you’re passionate about.


Don’t treat yourself poorly. Virgos are known for picking themselves apart. You have so many people that love you and this will be made known this week. Things involving travel and education go extremely well during this time. Good luck and good fortune will be with you this weekend with the moon in Virgo. Get the word “can’t” out of your vocabulary this week. Your critical analysis is needed. Be on the lookout for more career opportunities.


If you were to ask someone what they felt was fair to them, you’d be bound to come up with a number of different answers. Balanced negotiations require an element of sweetness. Your level of libido and romantic interest is very high as of now. Let go of what you can’t have. Remain patient and grounded. Know that a world of good is more likely to come your way as you let go of expectations. You begin the week on a lucky note and end it with good friends.


This has been a powerful heart opening time for you. Things
are about to get super busy and your heartfelt love will lead to serving and helping others. You have the energy to do the creative work. Your concern for children and playfulness is appropriate.
Be more organized. Make a schedule for yourself. Contact successful friends that have already done what you are about to do. The weekend looks good for travel education and seeing the bigger picture.


Write down your vision of the kind of future you want to make for yourself. Alliances with a positive spiritual group can help you move forward during this period. Continue to pay attention to siblings, cousins, and friends from where you grew up. The need to make home improvements as well as the need to honor the elders in your family is more evident. Monday and Tuesday are great days to show off your art projects. The weekend is great for romance and one-on-one meetings.