Horoscopes – Week of March 30, 2015


Initiate appropriate action. You need to express a deep and abiding love. Monday through Tuesday morning the Moon will be in your fifth house along with Jupiter expanding your heart, allowing you to do the things that make you happy. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday focus on clean-up, organization, and service to others. Saturday’s lunar eclipse brings up romance and relationship issues. Some will come to unconventional conclusions. Others will find things effecting their work environment. Avoid rushing to things.


Facing our karma isn’t always evil or pleasant. Running away makes things worse; it’s like putting a kink in a hose and allowing the pressure to build. You have the ability to do conscious good during this week. Tuesday through Thursday your creative energy remains high, and you may have some fun. The full moon eclipse could present health and service challenges. You are looking good and feeling strong with Venus and Mars in Taurus. Keep on honoring your parents and family, they can be a big source of strength during this week.


You have friends in high places. Don’t be distracted from the task at hand. You’ll be tempted to go partying with your friends. Keep things quality and on the down low. Take care of family issues as they come up. Household chores are best dealt with in the middle of the week. Saturday’s full moon eclipse could help you come up with new creative works. Pay close attention to children if you have them. Take time to prepare for the future. Good fortune is with you. Make good karma and it will pay off eventually.


Expect from others only what you can do yourself. Be grateful for those that possess skills that you don’t have. Time can be delegated in many different directions. Allow others to help you when you get overwhelmed with details. You have good friends in your social circle during this time. They can be a valuable resource. Monday looks good for dealing with finances. Tuesday through Thursday is best for catching up with messages and calls. The full moon eclipse will cover a variety of emotions for you. Everything from your career to your mother comes up.


Begin the week with the moon in Leo from Monday through Tuesday morning. You feel optimistic and positive. Higher learning and spiritual growth are easier for you to focus on. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday, focus on finances, food, and finding a voice. The full moon eclipse brings changes to your immediate environment as well as to siblings and neighbors. The weekend looks good for short trips and for dealing with communication issues. Take calculated risks. Find a way to visit a new place. Learn about other cultures and religion.


Learn from your mistakes and move forward. It’s unfortunate that some mistakes can last a lifetime. Much of your ability to make decisions is thwarted due to other people’s power. You can’t own everything. Much is out of your control due to circumstances. The moon will be in Virgo late Tuesday morning through Thursday. Your ability to push ahead is enhanced on these days. The full moon eclipse Friday and Saturday can help you resolve financial and family difficulties. You’ll be able to find your voice and make good choices once again.


You are a lover and a peacemaker this week. Keep on doing the good work. Your libido is stronger with Venus and Mars in your eighth house. People are attracted to you because of your ability to create harmony and balance. The full moon eclipse is all about you with the North Node and the full Moon in Libra. Learn to be your own best friend when others fail you. Let go of the things that you can’t control. The weekend looks good for a little getaway or some sort of adventure. Sunday looks good for taking care of material needs.


This time of year can be a serious workout for you. The demands of work, health and the small details of life can be overwhelming. Your love life is getting better with Venus and Mars transiting your seventh house. You can be a better lover in every way. Learn to love what you do and to do what you love. Service work and helping others is part of what you need to do. The full moon eclipse is about karma, secrets, and the parts of your life where you feel isolated. On Sunday afternoon the Moon enters Scorpio and your vitality is restored.


Playful, fun-loving, good times are on your agenda. You are in a place where your heart is open and the good times are rolling. Focus on children, education, love affairs and recreation. Begin the week by being open to higher learning. Tuesday through Thursday, focus on career performance and utilizing your talents and skills. Friday and Saturday the full moon eclipse affects the world of your friends and your ability to plan for the future. Expect good news. This is a good time to socialize and make new friends.


The foundation we build is the legacy that we leave behind. Family and domestic issues count for much during this period. Pay attention to your parents, especially your mother. Your creative abilities are being enhanced by Venus and Mars transiting your fifth house. This is also a good time for checking in with your children. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday is a luckier period for you. The full moon eclipse is likely to affect your work environment. Whatever good talents and abilities you can offer the public will be seen.


Be ready to mobilize. Your work is to gather information, work with your hands, and be involved with your local environment. This is a good time for taking small trips. The people you knew while growing up are more likely to reappear in your life. The beginning of the week is best for negotiation. Tuesday through Thursday, others may help you or hinder you. The full moon eclipse Friday and Saturday is good for higher education, getting published or taking an exotic journey. Keep on doing the things you are passionate about.


Put your best foot forward. Your values need to be emphasized. This is a good period for you to get your finances in order. It’s also a good time to make subtle dietary changes to improve your health. You find your voice while making gains. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday is best for romance as well as negotiations. The full moon lunar eclipse Friday and Saturday will arouse your libido, make you more psychic, and give you something you may not have earned. By the time Sunday afternoon rolls around you’ll have a better vision for moving forward.